The one about sleep.

Dearest Readers,

It is with great bliss and much sorrow that I get to write to you at 8:44 AM on this Thursday morning, the eve before my birthday. Tomorrow will come, just like any other day, but for now I will muse on the happenings of my existence during this intercession of 2016 and partially of next semester. At present, I have only two days of classes and then the rest of the week is essentially “off” if I get all my work finished early; I’m taking human anatomy & physiology and its lab. The lecture is web based so I don’t need to log in every single day in order to complete my work however I do have to go to the lab every Monday and Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM. Let me tell you, the lecture and lab have been grueling ever since the start of intercession! Though, essentially every class during intercession is packed with lots of business; every week there is a major exam because the aims of intercession attempt to squeeze an entire semester into a single month. How does Scranton fit in that much time to let their students take courses on the campus, you ask? Why, dearest readers, I’m so glad you asked! Our Winter break begins two weeks into December and we don’t go back to school until the first Monday of February. Usually when I’m giving tours and then I drop that little fact, the families have one of two reactions; 1. they go “WOW that’s fantastic”, or 2. they say “ehhhh that’s rather long”. The length of our intercession is rather a double-edged sword. On the one hand it gives students plenty of time to rest, relax, and recharge from the Fall semester but at the same time, it also means that Scranton doesn’t get out for a while and that it could potentially interfere with the start dates of internships. It’s a debate that’s up fro discussion with the entire campus.

I did mention that I would briefly speak on my Spring semester; it’s awesome. At present, my earliest class throughout the week will not start until 1:00 PM and I have Fridays off. How the heck did I swing that? I am not too sure. Still, my schedule has 15 credits and ALL of the courses that I’m taking will be science courses – none of them are easy courses that a lazy senior can take. Simply the fact that I get to sleep in until about noon every day is pretty sweet in my point of view. I know that things won’t be that way for too long because when the Summer hits, I’ll have to rise and grind. I’m certain you all will hear about how my semester goes here on this blog in the coming weeks, though hopefully I will have more scintillating blog topics and entires. This one was kind of bland and I do apologize! Nevertheless keep posted.

Your’s Truly,
Chris 😀

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