The one about TA and Judo

Hey all,

It has been a great start to the last semester! In recent news, I have picked up a teaching assistant (TA) position for comparative biomechanics, a course that I took two years ago. Things are a little rusty at this present time, and unfortunately in my infinite wisdom I threw away my old comparative biomechanics notebook so brushing up on it is impossible, but I think it will all come streaming back to me. Today was my second day TAing the course and I have been diligently taking notes in the back of the class so that I will have a complete set of notes to reference if I should have a need in the future. Truly, I forgot how fun this course was! Another recent happening occurred on Sunday right before I was supposed to start classes. I got an email from a department of which the name currently escapes me and it reminded me that I was still missing one credit of three gym courses that are mandatory for my graduation. Now, I know what some prospective students reading this are saying in their minds, “Forget that, I don’t want to have mandatory gym in my curriculum!” Nay I say to you! Be still your aching hearts and bellowing thoughts! Do not fear because my class, the class of 2016, was the last to have mandatory gym credits for graduation. However that does not mean gyms are no longer offered. It’s quite the contrary because gyms are still offered and they are incredibly fun. In my haste when I read this email, I signed up for the first available gym course that fit my schedule which happened to be judo. This course meets once a week on Monday from 5-7pm. I went to the first class and it was a really interesting and strangely humbling experience! At the start of every class, every student must bow when they greet the sensei. The sensei instructed us on proper etiquette and proper ways to sit. Seating is not so much part of formalities as bowing is, but it is rather for one’s own safety. For instance, if two people are sparring and one is thrown directly at seated person, the seated person could either have a bad bruise of a blown off leg, depending on whether or not they observed a safe seated position. I can’t wait for the next course!

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