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Greetings and salutations dearest readers, mine. I hope all was well over this past weekend and that not too many people were upset by the Superbowl turnout! I personally enjoyed myself. At Pilarz apartment 402W, I had a small party for the occasion on Sunday with plentiful food, great company, and a refrigerator armed to the teeth with….beverages. I wanted the Broncos to win and I felt the good mojo coming all game long. It all started at the coin toss; I had called tails-Panthers and sure enough luck would have it that I was right. From then on out the entire game was smoothish sailing for the Broncos. Somewhere in-between the interceptions and mounting frustration on Cam Newton’s face, my roommate Bob, his girlfriend Kim, and myself cooked up a mountain of food for us to inhale alongside the…beverages… that we so heartily enjoyed! This massive feast included endless mozzarella sticks, numerous wings, and a big old pile of fried rice. Oh, just a wee bit of background, I am very much Chinese and yes, rice is a staple for every freaking meal; the carbs are glorious. Of course, the University of Scranton Programming Board also hosted their own Superbowl watching event that also had wings and mozz. sticks, but did they have ANY beverages? I don’t think so. Therefore, my party > their party; too bad, sorry not sorry ­čÖé I’m writing for my readers, and I’m sure it’s quite entertaining to read about my strange ranting on various things from my [seemingly harmless] poking fun at USPB to my endless schedule that seems like David taking on Goliath.

Perfect segue!

Speaking of biblical stuffs, today was Ash Wednesday! Of course, me being the perfect angel and free of sin, I had accidentally slept in this morning and missed the mass to get my ashes. Lord knows I will utter so hard a prayer of forgiveness, quite literally! I have decided that for lent, I will give up all cheese. Now, I know what some of the readers may be thinking: that task is too hard. I say nay (as I often do during my ┬áStudent Government meetings when voting on bills, though I assure you I identify as more liberal)! Giving up cheese won’t be hard as long as I still have my two staples in life: 1. Rice, enough said, and 2…beverages… It won’t be that hard. On a different yet still biblical note, the analogy to the biblical tale of David and Goliath references my taking on the teaching assistant role and my role in research. You see, it’s true I’m only taking 16 credits this semester but all my free time has been filled with to-do lists that contain a lot of homework that I’m doing my best to stay on top of, as well as miscellaneous tasks that are loosely involved in research.

I don’t quite recall if I explained this in my last post but I am back working with Dr. Voltzow on snail histology. Basically, I will be looking at two different species of marine snails:┬áHaliotis rufescens and┬áDiodora aspera. They are commonly known as abalone and keyhole limpets, respectively. I will look at both of their gills. While the keyhole limpets’ gills look like two axes with leaflets extending off of the main axes, the abalones’ gills have the same setup except that the leaflets appear to be interconnected. Dr. Voltzow has looked into this phenomenon previously but not in close detail; she had only looked at the morphology rather than the cellular makeup. That’s where I come in. With my thirty plus decades of experience doing histology, I shall skillfully slice the snails gills up and mount them on slide, staining them with a Milligan trichrome stain to see the different types of cells that are present within the gills. Did I mention I’m only 22, to refute my “thirty plus years of experience”? Unfortunately that’s all I’ve got for you oh readers, mine. Remember: stay hungry [for knowledge], my friends. Until next time!

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