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Good evening faithful readers and hopefully some new ones! I did not blog last week, to my deepest regret, as I have been super packed lately with tons to do on my schedule, but I am very glad to be writing even the tiniest shred of literature for all of your personal enjoyments either to laugh at or with me! Last week was a week-long study session for a practical that went over rather anticlimactically. Now in this week, I am studying for yet another test but this time it’s in microeconomics. Let’s segue into a very relevant topic currently running around the media in response to republican and democratic debates, and hopefully I will get to flex my first amendment rights as far as having the right to free speech goes. True, there are limitations that can be placed on the first amendment, such as the indecency of a prankster to shout words or phrases that could incite massive panic in a crowded area, but I will not be writing about any awful deeds. Rather, I wish to speak in an opinionated manner that does not warrant the censorship of the higher bodies that be, and the “higher bodies that be” full well know who they are. In the text that will follow, I do not criticize anybody’s political views or political party affiliations. I simply wish to raise awareness of the current situation in the republican and democratic races for their respective party nominations. I will divulge that I personally identify as a democrat but I also ask that for any readers who even take offense to the mere fact of my party affiliation as an affront to their being, please read with an open mind. Otherwise if you cannot comply with my simple request, please leave this blog and never come back. Our nation can’t grow with close-minded bigotry and- Hey! Let’s talk about that!

Donald Trump believes that the United States’ foreign policy in regards to trade is far too soft and that other countries are trampling us when it comes to the importation of their goods. I agree with this but – BAM!!! Faster than Kelly, Baier, and Wallace can keep the debate on track, the republican candidates break out into bickering and childish name calling. Little Marco? Big Trump? Yoga??? Please tell me some of you caught those snide remarks on March 3rd during the debate in Detroit, Michigan. This was not even the first time that such antics were used. Rubio and Trump have a bit of history with going at each others’ throats with remarks about sweaty composure and also of hand/finger sizes. I won’t repeat any of the manual, lewd comments but rather I will leave that up to you to Google. Has the presidential race really become a reality television series where the candidate who draws the most public attention will receive the most support? I believe that it should be focused on the hard-pressed issues that face America such as the creation of American jobs (that Trump is very adamant about fixing in his solution of “the wall”), racial inequality, and national health and safety issues, most pointedly the Flint, Michigan water crisis. 

Now I know I’ve thrown a lot of flack at the republican candidates but the democratic candidates are not without fault. In the recent debate on March 6th, Clinton and Sanders went neck and neck with each other. The discussion was very centered on political issues and they both spoke very well for themselves in regards to keeping slanderous rhetoric to a minimum. However when the debate was over, I saw a very peculiar thing; there were multiple articles calling Bernie Sanders a sexist! These allegations referenced Bernie speaking over Hilary to continue talking on a point he was making. I do recall the incident because I remember distinctly that Hilary objected to Bernie voting against bailing out Wall Street when the stock market crashed. In reaction to Hilary’s outburst, Bernie said “Excuse me, I’m still speaking.” This was the incident that caused many people to accuse him of sexism. My opinion (for those who aren’t offended yet): Bernie wished to finish his point uninterrupted and that he did not intend to be sexist. The Young Turks did a segment about this incident and they also arrived at the same conclusion. They went further to say that for the feminists to call Bernie out on sexism is putting the “sexism” card at a grave disinclination to be taken seriously in future cases. Put simply, it’s like crying wolf. Let me be clear, I do NOT disdain feminism. In fact, I believe it to be a vehicle of fantastic change for women’s rights. However, for ultra feminists (and I use that “prefix”, ultra, in relation to any group that takes extremist views on topics) to call Bernie a sexist is a far cry from the true meaning. Trump’s comments toward Megyn Kelly in relation to normal physiological processes is sexist.

With that being said, I bid you a good night! I do encourage any responses or feedback and I hope that the “higher bodies that be” don’t come after me for this opinionated blog 🙂 It was written not to offend but rather as my thoughts on how the candidacy is unfolding.

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