Political Correctness

Greetings and salutations readers-faithful and welcome back to another exciting and strange rant by your’s truly! For any of you who read my last blog and recalled that I said I would speak on something rather interesting, unfortunately you must wait one more week for that topic (which I am being horribly discreet about) as I found another topic that is equally as interesting. I wished to share my thoughts on a change that apparently happened last year to The University community in regards to freshmen first-year students. That is correct, the new politically correct term for students who have started their first academic year is “first-year” students as opposed to the traditional freshmen brand. Now why, one might ask, did this change occur? Take a look at the word and notice how overbearingly intimidating it is: freshMAN, and as opposed to amending the terminology to “freshmen and freshwomen”, it would appear that calling the whole lot “first-year” students is more simplistic and politically correct. I have no qualms with the decision to use the term “first-year” as opposed to “freshmen and freshwomen” but let’s talk about how this in any way gives leverage to either of the sexes. With no doubt in my mind there are people who feel that this is the more sexually sensitive course of action as far as inclusivity is concerned, but let me ask how this in any way puts women one step closer onto an equal playing field as men. DISCLAIMER: I am not against feminism and I encourage women to be independently, incredible individuals. However in order to launch women into a state of gender equality in the same regard as men, it does not begin with semantics. It begins with leadership that sets actions in motion that are inclusive to both sexes. Changing the term from “freshmen” to “first-years” is not an action on the basis that in no such way does it benefit or lend support to women.

“But Chris! You are only complaining and you’re not helping the problem if you don’t know what it is that should be done to support women!”

Well then annoying voice in my head, let me propose one action that I believe is more beneficial to women here at The University of Scranton! Women play a very integral part of The University’s culture; over half of the undergraduate population is female, the Jane Kopas Women’s Center (JKWC) does a fantastic job of promoting feminism and holding educational programs that empower women, and there are some pretty awesome women in roles of leadership who are currently serving the community that they love. I propose that there be more funding given to JKWC such that they can host more grand events, especially during the month of March, women’s history month. Speaking of March, what if every week JKWC were to hold one event that celebrated famous women in history with the chance for female students to win a scholarship? I think that would be something worth promoting, at least much more than the political correctness agenda.

I have some gripes about political correctness in the current day; not many people can make jokes anymore. Sure, a joke would be initially intended to be funny but somewhere along the line some hardcore left wing/right wing/gender identity group will nitpick the joke apart and find some fault with it where we, the people as a nation, are TOOOOOO sensitive to laugh at ourselves. I’m not talking about hateful people who spew rubbish that is intended to insult others, but rather the others who mean absolutely no disrespect to their target audience.

Well, that’s really all I’ve got for you. If you were to have some takeaways from this blurb, it should be that women are awesome, women don’t need to be coddled in changing the term from “freshman” to “first-year” because they are a lot tougher than getting upset about terminology, political correctness is a joke, and it’s ok to question what is being thrown at you. Seriously, I disagree with the change that Scranton made but it doesn’t mean I refute all of the teachings that it has given to me! Questioning is every bit alright, as long as it is not destructive or violent. By the way I would love for this blog to be challenged as destructive; I promise you I hold no ill will in any capacity throughout my ramblings here.

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