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T’was the Eve Before Finals: By Jimmy Buckley

Hey all, I just wanted to share this little gem with all of you. My friend Jimmy Buckley wrote it and I helped him out a little bit while we were both at our job in the Office of Admissions. So if you would like a fantastic laugh, give it a read!

T’was the eve before finals and all over campus,

Starbucks was flowing and stress has run rampant.

Study guides were posted in emails with care.

In hopes that the end would soon be there.

Students were rattled, sleepless and dead.

While Nightmares of failures ran wild through their heads.

Tutors with their knowledge and computers on their laps,

Had just settled down for a pre-finals nap.

When out on the green their arouse such a noise,

It was the sound of delirious freshman Fitch boys.

Away from my desk I crawled slowly to bed.

Threw over the sheets and covered my head.

Dust on my textbooks from semesters ago,

Paying homage to information I surely did not know.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

A gift from my RA, and the test from last year.

With a blue ball point pen, caffeinated and shaking,

I knew that the opportunity was mine for the taking.

Quickly I jotted, scribbled and flew

Channeling energy I wouldn’t renew

Now Coffee! Now Sugar! Now Monster kick in!

On Adrenaline*! On Red Bull! On thought process within!

To the top of the library, to the end of the halls,

Type away, Type away, Type away all!


As the sun began to rise, I knew dawn was approaching.

Surely my soul would soon need coaching.

A bagel I grabbed and one more coffee to boot,

I quickly saw it would all be for moot.

As I walked in the class, friends I did see.

Looking back with hopeful smiles at me.

The teacher, careful and slowly she walked in.

A wry smile we saw turn into a grin.

I replied with a smile, she knew I was faking.

Little did we know an open book test we’d be taking.

A huge sigh was released, a collective breath we took.

Thanking the presence of this grade saving book.

So good luck to all, and some sanity too.

For finals week is upon us, may we all make it through.



Special thanks to Chris Kwok, Maddie Hogan, Megan Fleming and Joe Flanagan for helping me out when words didn’t seem to rhyme.

Adrenaline* was replaced to censor a particular word, of who’s use I do not condone


It’s almost over!

Hey there again! It is almost time for me to send off my last fall semester at The University of Scranton with a bang. I can’t think of any other way to do it than to type twenty-two pages worth of research papers. Really. I can’t think of any other way. It was actually quite fitting. So for the past week, it was dead week at Scranton. Dead week is known as the week right before finals where professors are not allowed to give students any sorts of exams so it gives up plenty of time to study for our impending doom finals. However, they didn’t say anything about paper due dates so I guess you win some and you lose some….

Whatever, it’s not going to get my festive spirit down! A couple of exciting announcements: first, the Christmas tree is lit and the students are bringing in the festive cheer. At The University of Scranton, we have a campus lawn called the Dionne Green where there is an amphitheater. Within that stony enclave, the school always sets up this HUGE pine tree for the winter break months and decorates it with all these festive lights and ornaments! It’s got to be one of the coolest things. I personally find a reprieve from all my work in the fact that that tree is so darn awesome. On the other hand, that’s not the only thing that let’s the students relax. Just recently a bunch of my senior friends, who are in band, celebrated their last Noel Night. This event is a special night where all the band members get together and play holiday songs. It was open to the public so if you did in fact miss it this year, have no fear, for they put on this event every year!

The second thing I wanted to announce was the fact that I will indeed be here at The University for intercession! Let me explain that: for those of you who may or may not have read my blogs in the past, intercession is Scranton’s winter break and during this time the school offers classes that students can take to get ahead, re do a course, or even take just for fun! So starting the first Monday of January, I’ll be back on campus to take Anatomy & Physiology I. This was sort of a last-minute decision as far as post-college career planning goes; I need A&P I and A&P II as prerequisites for my application to pharmacy school. Oh. That’s another thing: I’m applying to pharmacy school. Not sure if I told you all that, but there you go! It’s an exciting time for students at Scranton right now because we are on the eve of finals week and the tension is certainly there as students rush to finish last-minute papers and study for their finals. I was certainly super busy finishing all my papers of the weekend. I banged out a fifteen page paper in just three days last week!

Time the Great Equalizer

Hey all, I do sincerely apologize that I haven’t written in quite some time. The past two weeks have been a non-stop sprint to the finish in terms of work. We’re coming down to the very last weeks of the Fall 2015 semester and professors’ tests and papers conveniently fall on the same days as each other. With that being said, I have my Invertebrate Biology lecture and lab papers due soon, not to mention my Greek Literature and Mythology paper is sort of on life support. It’s sad actually haha but I’m not the least bit daunted! Still feeling super motivated. All the recent events that have happened in my amusing time here at The University of Scranton have made it very worth while.

Last week I attended a lecture that was given by an award-winning economist named Dr. Susan Athey. She is an Economics of Technology professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and she came to The University of Scranton to offer her experiences on her research about “The Internet and the News Media”. The lecture happened Wednesday last week and it was very interesting for myself as a Biology major to attend a primarily “business” event. There was also incentive for me to attend this event in the form of extra credit, courtesy of my microeconomics professor but besides that fact, I had a great time! I enjoy how easy and non-segregative interdisciplinary learning at The University can be.

In more recent news, today I was reminded once more how old I am and that my graduation is coming eerily closer. Today was senior portraits day for me, though others from my class have made appointments to get their portraits taken throughout this week. This is usually a happening of seniors at The University of Scranton where our portraits are taken and placed into our yearbook, along with fond memories. I can remember that it was only yesterday that I was a freshman thinking “Wow I don’t have to worry about getting my class ring for two more years during my junior year. That won’t happen for a while.” Once I blinked, three years sped past me and now I have already had my class ring for well over a year and it’s become both a symbol of triumph and defeat; triumph in the sense that it embodies all my greatest accomplishments during my time at The University of Scranton, but it is also one defeat because though one may think that there is more than enough time to accomplish all they wish to do, I am painfully reminded that the end of my time at this school is coming and I have to say goodbye to a lot of people in the best way that I can muster come May 2016. If any of you reading this are in high school and are about to head into college, take my advice and do everything that you want to do in the best time that you can because soon enough it will be your turn as well to graduate and move on to greater things. I thought I had all the time in the world as a freshman starting college to fulfill many of my desires but it appears as though time has been able to sneak a few semesters by my watchful eye without my noticing.

Sweeping of the Streets and a Wonderful Weekend

Hello and welcome back to the average literary stylings of Chris Kwock! Today I’m writing to you about an event called Street Sweep that happened just this past weekend! This was a Student Government-sponsored event where hundreds of students arrived in one of The University’s parking lots, volunteering to clean the streets and beautify the surrounding community. Each senator in Student Government was assigned a few participating clubs to lead these groups! My team did a fantastic job cleaning up Monroe Avenue and Hitchcock Court – we did it in record time! The event started around 11:00am and ended at about 2:00pm. Once that whole cleaning job was finished, I cleaned myself up just a bit and headed out to the gym underneath my apartment. Unfortunately I was working legs and abs. Let me pause right there and emphasize that: I was doing LEGS and abs. How many of you hate leg day? I’m certain a lot of people loathe this day with all their hearts as much as I do. This day has to be an invention of the devil because no person that’s right as rays will willingly say “Hey y’all! What a fantastic day!!!! Let’s go work some legs and smile through the whole workout!!!!”. Ok, end rant. I apologize you all had to witness that but I’m sure you can tell my affection, or lack thereof, for working out legs. Anyway, as soon as my torture ended at the gym, I met up with my girlfriend, Amanda Jacobs, and we went out to dinner downtown at this super fancy restaurant called Posh. Like, we both dressed up for the occasion but I don’t think I dressed enough for this place! The service was fantastic and we had a blast there. Not to mention Posh was hopping when we got there – there must have been a party that booked the place because there were guys in fresh tuxedos and girls in gorgeous dresses! It’s always an adventure whenever I head into the downtown area because I honestly never know what I’m going to find. Really. I never know. Ever. That concludes my short bit about my weekend; I hope all your weekends were fantastic as well!  Stay awesome awesome people 😉

FALLING for Pumpkins

Howdy everybody! So It’s October and things are starting to get a bit cold up in this place! Already the leaves are turning different colors, I’m begging for daylight savings to come so I get my extra hour of sleep, and I’m PRETTY sure I can sense pumpkin spiced lattes coming around the corner. Personally I’m not that big of a fan (which I have received chastisement in the past about the excellence of this drink) but if that’s your cup of tea, even if it isn’t actually tea, go for it! You know, in 2013 according to Statista, U.S. pumpkin consumption was at 4.2 per capita. Also in 2013, the U.S. census recorded 316.5 million US citizens. Multiply that out, and there were 1,329,300,000 pumpkin deaths in 2013. That’s a lot of dead fruits at the hands of Americans. There should really be an awareness campaign about this, like a day where people carry around pumpkins. Or….we could make a holiday out of it where we slay more pumpkins and carve fun/cute faces into them and put candles inside them! Hey, there’s already a holiday for that called Halloween! Boom. Excellent segway. Haha in all seriousness, I highly doubt my statistical inference is correct, please don’t cite me in scientific literature; I don’t want to be the butt of scientific mockery. Anyway, Halloween will be upon our doorstep before we know it – and so will small humans asking for candy or a prank! I’m very excited for Halloween. Ever since freshman year I have always participated in safe trick or treat on campus. It’s an event where a bunch of rooms within residence halls volunteer to give out candy to little kids who sign up for the trick-or-treating event! So if anybody would like to sign up, your’s truly will be volunteering! Stay tuned for more updates to the event (if said updates come!).

Very, very small side note: Student Government will be holding their semiannual event Street Sweep! I will be one of the zone leaders leading out a group of people to clean up Scranton’s streets in an attempt to beautify the city. Have some free time? Stop on by!

The Blood Moon!

Hey there hopefully soon-to-be Scranton family, and also a shoutout to my existing Scranton family! How was your weekend? Did any of you look up in the skies on Sunday evening? I sure did! I went with my lovely female friend, Amanda, to see the blood moon at a moon watching party this weekend. It was a nice, little gathering of a couple students on the rooftop of Loyola Science Center and we all craned our heads to the heavens to watch the blood moon unfold before us. Amanda and I got there around 9:45pm-ish and stayed there for some time but it seemed as though the moon did not fully turn red! Hopefully some of you were luckier than me to have seen the whole moon turn its ominous hue; I thought it was a real life hack, as in the moon was glitched. Amanda thought that joke was hilarious but then again I guess she just gets my corny sense of humor! That’s one thing I love about The University of Scranton: though it may seem like a quiet night, there are always things to do and events to attend; I had no idea the moon watching party was a thing until my good friend Jolene Ranek sent me a message saying that there was one happening Sunday from 9-11. Another event I’m going to is happening in a little bit. In two weeks Amanda and I are going kayaking down the Susquehanna river! It’s going to be super fun. Originally it was supposed to be next weekend but for some reason or other, it got moved. Not complaining but I’m predicting it’s going to be really cold when we go out on the river. I went on a kayaking trip over the summer with my friend, his dad, and a few of his friends somewhere in New York and THAT was really fun and terribly freezing. The day we went out onto the river started out decent but it quickly got cloudy, started to drizzle continuously, and it cooled down. On top of that, I neglected to bring any warm clothes! Good riddance, I hope none of you are as unprepared as I am!

Happy Monday!

Hey all, it is another lovely week here in The University of Scranton and yes, it’s a Monday! Why am I excited? I really have no idea! Last night my roommate, Marc Kramer, came outside to the kitchen where I was toiling away at studying for our Invertebrate exam and gave me the best bit of news that I’ve heard in quite a while: he told me that the exam is next week and not this week!!! You could only imagine the joy and frustration I felt simultaneously. Before he’d spoken to me I was studying diligently for two hours 🙁 but I am very grateful he let me know so I didn’t waste any time. After all, I still have three tests this week. Though I have all these tests, I’m not the least bit bummed. Rather, I feel it is an exciting challenge that I have the privilege of tackling! I mean, it’s not like my undergraduate career is coming to an end in a decent number of months. It’s not like I figured out the schedule for my final semester today. SURELY it’s not like I’m freaking out slightly in my head over the idea of graduation and applying for pharmacy schools to begin the final chapter of my foreseeable schooling. Sadly, all those statements are false and I am coming to grips with reality. Perhaps in reference to my cool, calm, and collectedness from my previous post, I was in denial that “real” life was starting so soon. Who knows? I can only make the best out of the here and now!

Trying to do that, I woke up this morning with a great spring in my step! I got up, showered while listening to Five for Fighting – Heaven Knows, and jumped off to biochemistry. I think today I seemed to be the only one with enthusiasm as many people often get the Monday blues. Later on after class I got to work and gave a tour to a very cool family while my coworker and chill friend Amy Verdonik shadowed my tour as part of her training process towards becoming a tour guide for the Office of Admissions in Scranton. Needless to say, I finished out my tour, went to the gym, came back to the apartment to cook dinner, and now here I am heavily procrastinating statistics studying by typing up this blog. Look how much I can typeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 I really need to stop procrastinating and study for this test – it’s tomorrow! I wonder how my comrades in this apartment are holding up. It’s been kind of a bummer of a week for them because it’s about that time for the first round of tests, but this can’t hold me down from giving a smile!

The First Battery of Tests

The University of Scranton is now underway into week 4 of classes and it is firing on all pistons! The first round of tests have already begun and I should probably say that I am one of the lucky few who have not quite hit that mark yet, though my impending doom is quickly coming upon me for next week. Test count for next week (so far that I know of): 3. Let us all hope and pray that it stays that way for me! Heavy subjects include statistics, microeconomics, and biochemistry! The following week I have a double knockout with invertebrate lecture on one day and then the following day I have invertebrate lab’s practical. I guess I can say schoolwork certainly keeps me very occupied, but it isn’t so much to the point that I can’t enjoy my weekends!
I had a wonderful time this weekend because I got to see my long lost friend – but not really – Kate Moyer! She is a second year graduate PT student and she loves every bit of her job. Sadly, I had to march my lazy bum like a bajillion miles downtown to her apartment where she lives. It was so nice to catch up with her – I hadn’t seen her since last year ended. Of course, I was super out of breathe when I got there. Cario isn’t exactly my forte; for those of you who didn’t know, I’m sort of a gym rat and I hardly ever do cardio. So if I had to run away from a rabid kangaroo, which are NOT native to northeastern Pennsylvania so there is no real threat, then I would be pretty out of luck. That would be terrifying if there was a rabid kangaroo in Scranton… I’m gonna keep this blog short and sweet but let me end on this: do NOT give up! That is applicable to me in my coming week(s) of doom but for whoever is reading and whatever your situation is, don’t give up. I know that we should all remind ourselves of that there will always be better days ahead no matter what your circumstances are in this current situation. Take me for example; I know life will suck when I hit those three tests running next week, and then the week after that will also be not cool, but I know that after that I will be all the more better and all the more wiser for having studied my behind off! So keep the faith, people. Keep looking up, keep smiling, and put one foot in front of the other because everybody’s gotta start somewhere so don’t let who you are or what situation you’re in today stop you from getting where you need to be tomorrow!

Y’all are too cool ;)

Hello beautiful people! I am back! This weekend La Festa Italiana happened but I was only able to catch the tail end of it this past Monday on Labor Day. Unfortunately, I had to go home this weekend on Saturday in a snap decision because my gums needed to be opened back up. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in a previous blog but I got my wisdom teeth taken out about three weeks ago and prior to the weekend, I wasn’t feeling all too hot. To spare you guys the gory and gross details, I needed to get them cleaned over the weekend. However I was pretty happy to have learned that the Italian Festival did not part from Scranton for another day.
Anywho, in other news my lovely girlfriend Amanda Jacobs and Marc Kramer wished me to pass on a message to the awesome people who read my blog: this weekend Adrian Cunningham, who is about to go on tour in Spain, will entertain one very lucky audience with the musical stylings of clarinet and saxophone! So if any of you want to stop by The University of Scranton this weekend for a good show, come on by. Otherwise, if anybody wants to come take a campus tour on a lovely weekend, by all means! The Office of Admissions in Scranton conducts tours of the campus every weekend. These tours are lead by students such as myself. I COULD POSSIBLY GIVE YOU A TOUR!!! Sorry, I get way to excited whenever people come to The University and are like, “oh I remember your from this or that”. Once I had a family who came back to The University for a tour after they had been to one of our open houses and said that they remembered me from the tour they got during that event. Actually, that brings me to my next point: Scranton is holding open house on October 25th and November 8th. I know those dates are a bit off in the future but I guess its better to plan in advance than on a spur of the moment, right? So save those dates, any of you who do come will probably see me at some point or another during that day!

The Grind is Real!

So The University of Scranton is already well underway into week 2 of the 2015-2016 school year and I gotta tell you, I’m looking a little swamped. Though I do write a solid majority of my blogs in the late hours (or early hours of the morning, depending on how one wants to look at it), I still enjoy reporting to y’all on the daily happenings of my semi-ordinary life. In the news this week, Pilarz 402 is spending some pretty late nights! Let me explain: this year I live in the luxurious Pilarz Hall with Robert Dudik (as I affectionately often refer to as ‘my roommate Bob’), Marc Kramer, and Alex Kerr. Bob and I roomed together during our freshman year; he was kind of forced into rooming with me on account that we went to high school together, lucky him, right? Anyway, the entire apartment has logged in some pretty late hours so far in terms of the amount of work that we have received. Just last night Marc was up until around 4am working out linear algebra black magic! Tonight, Bob is up with me at about 1am working on different things: myself with my Iliad reading, and him with his electrical engineering jargon that I don’t quite understand. Even though we are no strangers to burning the midnight oil, we do it with gleaming smiles on all our faces. Sometimes these smiles appear there from delirium and sleep deprivation but that is besides the point; we love doing what we do!

My thorough excitement is met with slight dread for this weekend because the Italian Festival is coming to Scranton. While it’s a lot of fun, it is also one more milestone on my road to graduation. This Italian Festival marks my last Italian Festival at The University of Scranton! I can remember like it was just yesterday that I was a wide-eyed freshman heading down to the festival with a big group of friends. I recall that I picked up some fried Oreos and brought them back onto campus for the pleasure of other friends who couldn’t make it to the festival because they had too much work. Needless to say, this is a festival that students shouldn’t miss. It’s great fun and there is PLENTY of food! In fact, my parents are coming up from New Jersey this weekend to visit my dearest sister and myself because they miss us so greatly and they want to spend some quality time with us… Just kidding, my dad wants to try the food and he’s treating us by taking us out to the festival lol. Whatever anybody’s circumstance is to visit The University of Scranton this weekend, whether it is for a campus tour or simply because one is rolling through the city, stop by and check out La Festa Italiana!

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