In-class participation (22%)

  • objective: orally articulate arguments/ideas and collaboratively engage with course materials and themes
  • how: participation in all class sessions in a positive and productive manner through…
    1. on-time arrival: tardiness for more than two sessions will result in grade deduction
    2. attendance: beyond ONE unexcused absence, absences that are not approved by the instructor will result in a grade of zero for that day and for any assignment completed on that day’s class
    3. consistent attention to lectures
    4. engagement in discussions
    5. completion of in-class assignments/quizzes

Media Team (8%)

  • objective: link the course to the larger field of digital history by gathering relevant news stories and publicizing the course’s activities
  • due: each group will be assigned a period of time to serve as the Media Team
  • how: delegate the following duties among your group’s members (full guidelines are posted in the course’s Google folder):
    1. Publicize course activity using Twitter and other social media
    2. Take turns blogging critical reflections (~200 words) after each class
    3. Tweet about digital humanities news
    4. Orally present to the class digital humanities news on a weekly basis

Google Docs Tasks (8%)

  • objective: individually apply and reflect on concepts addressed in class
  • due: by the START of the class for which Task is assigned (marked “Task” in Schedule)

Scranton Paper (10%)

  • objective: make a historical argument based on original research in digital archives
  • due: 9pm Friday, September 29, in Google Drive

Project Presentations (5% + 5% + 10% = 20%)

  • objective: engage peers in your work by orally articulating research and results, as well as responding to questions and comments
  • due: in class Wednesday, September 27; Wednesday, November 1;
  • Guidelines will be distributed at least one week prior to the first date of each presentation. Both presentations will include in-group practice runs.

Midcourse Reflection (2%)

  • objective: assess your progress and future growth in the course
  • due: 9pm Friday, October 6, in Google Drive

Final Project Proposal (5%)

  • objective: explain scope and purpose of final project
  • due: 9pm Friday, November 3, in Google Drive

Clio Contribution (5%)

  • objective: use a digital tool to present historical findings to the general public
  • due: 9pm Friday, November 17

Final Project (20%)

  • objective: demonstrate an understanding of course concepts and methods through the creation of a digital historical project
  • due: 9pm Friday, December 8