Life After Scranton: Living the Legacy

My sisters and I after the graduation ceremony!

My sisters and I after the graduation ceremony!

Hi everyone! My name is Julia Chaplin and I am a recent alum of The University of Scranton, Class of 2013. I am originally from upstate New York and while attending The University, I majored in Human Resources and minored in Business Administration and Philosophy (through the SJLA program).  The four years I spent at Scranton were the best of my life so far: I know that I have many more experiences ahead, but Scranton will always have a piece of my heart. The University gave me an outstanding education, but what I have found to be equally as important are the relationships that I formed within the Scranton community. I feel such a strong connection to Scranton through all of the friends, mentors, and professors that were an important part of my life on campus and continue to be an important part of my life today.

Since graduation, my life has been quite the adventure! I started my job as an HR Development Trainee with Nestlé USA in August and it has been an amazing experience. Currently, I am working in Glendale, California (right outside Los Angeles) at the Nestlé headquarters.  I will be here for six months and then I will be moving to South Carolina to work as an HR Generalist in a Nestlé factory.  After that, I can apply for any position with Nestlé, anywhere in the world.

Now let’s take a step back – this is never what I imagined I would be doing after graduation. I have lived in New York/Pennsylvania all of my life and planned on staying in the tri-state area for the rest of it. The ideals that my Jesuit education taught me encouraged me to challenge myself and to continuously strive for excellence, so when I came across this job opportunity, I applied just to see if I could get an interview. When I was asked to fly out to California for an interview, I decided to go for fun, why not go enjoy some sunshine? When I received a job offer just 48 hours later, I was absolutely shocked and beyond thrilled.

This summer, I packed up all of my belongings (mostly clothes! ) and flew across the country to start my  life in the “real world.”  While it has definitely been an adjustment, the constant sunshine has helped quite a bit. Being three hours behind all of my friends on the East Coast and switching my schedule from that of a college student to a working professional in a different time zone was tricky, but I adapted pretty quickly.  Finally getting to apply everything I have learned has been so much fun. My coworkers have been extremely supportive and I learn something new each and every day.  The community at Scranton was always what I loved the most, and I think I might just have found another community that I can love just as much. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, I definitely have been having lots of fun outside of work too. So far I’ve been to Hollywood, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and several different beaches. I’ve signed up to see television shows be taped and I’m still waiting for my first celebrity sighting!

Even though I’m already looking forward to my 5 year reunion at Scranton, I have been given such a huge opportunity to work at an incredible company and I love it more everyday! More to come from the West Coast soon!

Sitting at my new desk!

Sitting at my new desk!

2 thoughts on “Life After Scranton: Living the Legacy

  1. what you have said about Scranton is exactly what my friends and I say all the time (20 years later) In fact we are getting together in two weekends (6 grads, 6 spouses and 17 children- wow!) I have a feeling you will always keep Scranton in your heart!

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