Caring for the Community


October has been a really fun month at Nestle! Now that I’ve been able to settle in and get comfortable, I’m getting involved in so many ways.  One thing I had been missing was being able to give back through volunteering. Service was such a big part of my college experience and I didn’t realize how much it had become a part of my life until I had the opportunity to volunteer for the first time post-graduation.

Nestle is devoted to caring to the communities that it’s employees live and work in and the Community Affairs department makes it so easy to do! Here at corporate, employees make dinner once a month at the Ronald McDonald House in Pasadena.  Families that come to Pasadena to seek medical treatment for their critically or terminally ill children are able to live here and they receive many other helpful services.  Along with dinner, employees spend time with the families and children and when I went, we were making Halloween crafts together. Currently, most of the residents speak Spanish… and I haven’t taken a Spanish class in years.  At first, I thought this would be an obstacle I couldn’t get around, but the children just wanted someone to spend time with them. By the end, they were teaching me different words and we were having so much fun!

Another noteworthy day in October is Halloween – Nestle hosted a great Halloween party during the work day on the 31st and it was a great way to celebrate. The front lawn of the building was turned into a carnival with blow up rides, a petting zoo, pony rides, and a photo booth. There was Nestle candy everywhere and other Halloween snacks like caramel apples. Employees competed in a costume contest (I dressed up as Minnie Mouse) and many brought their children to work to enjoy the festivities. It’s great to work for a company with a culture that is not only extremely hardworking and dedicated, but also fun-loving. As much as I missed spending Halloween with friends back in Scranton, I made great new memories with wonderful new friends :)


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