The Perks of Apartment-Style Living

It’s the start of another school year. I can’t believe I’m a junior. I remember meeting juniors when I was a freshman and marveling at how grown-up they were — how educated, well-spoken, and mature. Although I don’t feel this way yet, I think that it will come over time.

One neat thing that I’ve already come to love is living in an apartment this year. I live in Montrone, which is an on-campus apartment complex for upperclassmen. It is situated across from the DeNaples Center on Mulberry Avenue, above a dining court and next to the fitness center. Each apartment in Montrone contains a kitchen, dining area, living area, two bathrooms, and four single bedrooms. Although my bedroom is smaller than the one I had freshman and sophomore year, it feels more open and private because I’m not sharing it with a roommate.


My room! There is a bed, a desk with shelving, a four-drawer dresser, and a wardrobe (not pictured). I still need to do more decorating.

This past Friday, a fellow apartment-mate and I took advantage of our kitchen and decided to make dinner. We had fresh vegetables graciously given to us by a professor, and our commuter friends provided the rest of the ingredients. We had a lovely night hosting 6 people in our apartment. Cooking our meal was a fresh breath of independence. Although I love the accessibility of the campus dining services, I had gotten used to making my meals over the summer. With my own kitchen, I can continue to develop my cooking skills and share them with my friends.


Cooking! On the stove: sausage, rice, and a mix of zucchini and peppers.

There are so many other perks of apartment-style living: having a couch, being able to control the air conditioner, having a full-sized fridge, etc. I’m excited to continue to use the apartment and discover more about its great features!

Ms. Juliana C. Vossenberg

Hello! My name is Juliana Vossenberg, and I hail from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am a sophomore Theology/Religious Studies major with Biology and Philosophy minors. In addition, I am on the pre-medicine track and in the Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program. I sing in the Performance Choir, am a member of the Health Professions Organization, and work as a writing fellow at the CTLE's Writing Center.

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