An Adventure in the Ceiling

It’s Finals Week, which means that we are all more likely to do crazy things, like ordering three venti coffees from Starbucks at one time, or putting class notes in a ziplock bag in order to study in the shower. Yesterday, two of my quadmates and I decided to do our own little crazy thing: We took a study break by playing hide-and-seek in our apartment. The apartment is relatively small, and there are not that many places to hide. Nevertheless, we got creative. Our hiding spots included the cabinet beneath the bathroom sink, the top of the wardrobe, and behind the shower curtain. It was nice to be silly for a while after a weekend of serious studying.

After our game, we were talking about the challenges of hiding in our apartment. One of my friends looked up at the ceiling and noticed that it was constructed of removable tiles. As you can imagine, we were curious… so my friend climbed the kitchen counter and poked her head up into the ceiling crawl space. I wanted to see up there myself, so I climbed up. As I was scanning the space, I noticed a cylinder-shaped object a few feet away. I grabbed it and brought it down. It was a time capsule!

The outside read: “Montrone 303 Time Capsule”. Inside was a note written by two inhabitants of the apartment, two semesters ago. They had also included a little trinket — a plastic palm tree — that we now keep out in the apartment. I was so excited to find the time capsule! It was like something from a movie; it felt so surreal. My quadmates and I wrote our own note for the capsule introducing ourselves and giving some advice. We also included trinkets (I gave a rosary). We put the capsule back into the ceiling in the hope that next year, the new inhabitants of our apartment would be adventurous and journey into the ceiling.

Ms. Juliana C. Vossenberg

Hello! My name is Juliana Vossenberg, and I hail from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am a sophomore Theology/Religious Studies major with Biology and Philosophy minors. In addition, I am on the pre-medicine track and in the Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program. I sing in the Performance Choir, am a member of the Health Professions Organization, and work as a writing fellow at the CTLE's Writing Center.

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