Making A Difference At The U

Hey everyone!

This past week, the University of Scranton hosted its first ever Student’s For Suicide Prevention Awareness Week.  Throughout the week, there were a number of events held to raise awareness about suicide prevention.  To kick off the week, there was a tie-dye event in which students could purchase t-shirts and tie-dye them on the DeNaples Patio.  The next event held was “Empty Shoes.” Shoes were displayed on the Green commemorating those who have died by suicide.  Inside all the shoes was a piece of paper with an action or challenge for the day.  To particiapate, you had to take the slip of paper that was inside the shoe and replace it with your own written paper to remember someone you knew that had passed away.  The final event to end of the week was a Campus Walk.  Each participant walked a total of 16 minutes around the DeNaples Ballroom to symbolize the statistic every 16 minutes in the United States a person dies by suicide.  Overall, the event was a huge success and just one of the many ways that Scranton is always aiming to help raise awareness about very important causes in our world today.

Thursday night,USPB will be hosting Hana Pestle, an acousitc singer, to perform on campus.  As a member of the Coffeehouse Committee, I am in charge of promoting the event and helping out.  I am excited to work my first event as a member of the club and look forward to seeing the performance.

This coming weekend the University is hosting Family Weekend on campus.  This is a weekend-long event in which various events are planned for students and their families to participate in.  My whole family is attending and I am so exicted to see them since I have not seen them since I got to school.

Have a great week!

Kara 🙂

Back At My Home Away From Home!

Hey everyone & welcome back to another school year at the wonderful University of Scranton!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer!  Let me start off by introducing myself.  My name is Kara DeRosa and I am a sophmore here at the U.  I am an Occupational Therapy major and a member of SOTA, the Student Occupational Therapy Association.  The University of Scranton is like my home away from home and I have loved it here since day one freshman year.  I remember feeling intimidated and scared about the transition to college life but here at the U I was welcomed with open arms and have felt at home ever since.

I can not even believe how fast summer flew by but it feels great to be back at school.  This year I am living in Condron Hall, one of the three Sophmore dorms on campus.  The room is set up quad-style, two double rooms connected by a bathroom, very different from sharing a bathroom with 20 other girls freshman year.  All 4 girls living in my quad are Occupational Therapy majors, which is very convenient because we have similar schedules and work loads.

I’ve been back at school for only 2 short weeks and already so much has been happening on campus.  First off, I was privelaged enough to move-in a few days early and help out as a Fall Move-In Volunteer.  On Freshman Move-In Day, upperclass students volunteer to literally attack cars and unpack all of the student’s belongings and carry them to their room.  It was so great to help out and make the first day of transition to college life even just a little easier for the freshman students and their family.  Another big event that has occured on campus is the Student Activites Fair.  This is an event in which all the clubs and organizations on campus set up a table on the Dionne Green.  Students are able to learn about ways to get involved on campus and sign up for clubs they may be interested in joining.  I actually signed up to be a member of the USPB Coffeehouse club.  This is a club that brings the majority of the musical acts that we have at the U to campus.  As a member of the Coffeehouse committee I will help with advertising and staffing the events to help make sure they are as successful as possible.  I am excited to get started and become more involved on campus.

Talk to you all soon!


P.S. Below is a picture of the Dionne Green and the DeNaples Center.  What a beautiful school!