Giving Back

This weekend I had such a rewarding experience while completing my service learning hours.  I was helping out at 5th birthday party at the Timmy’s Town Museum.  However, this was no ordinary party.  The birthday boy had Down Syndrome.

When I arrived at the party and was introduced to the birthday boy, my first reaction was excitement.  I have worked with children who have special needs before and always enjoy it.  I was hoping that I may be able to incorporate some of my occupational therapy learning into my interactions with the boy.

Several times throughout the party, I caught the boy’s mother staring at me when I was interacting and playing with him.  We played hide and seek, colored, put on a puppet show, and played in the sand box.  I was having a great time and I could tell that he was too.

At the end of the party, the boy’s mother came up and complimented me on how well I was able to get along with the boy and keep him entertained.  She explained how she was nervous that he may act out or cause problems and was so grateful that I was able to stop that from happening.  The smile on my face when she told me this must have been priceless.

It is always nice getting compliments from people but it is even nicer when you know it’s because you were helping someone out.  Experiences like this make me look forward to working as an occupational therapist and helping those who have disabilities have the best quality of life they can have.

This is why performing service learning hours is such an important part of the occupational therapy curriculum.  It gives you an opportunity to volunteer your time, enhance your learning, while also helping you to feel great about yourself.

The University of Scranton OT/PT Department is holding a fundraiser in order to collect items for the vicitims of the terrible storm.  We have been collecting items such as clothes, blankets, food, and other essentials that the victims unfortunately were unable to retain after the damage of the storm.  Please donate whatever you can to help this wonderful cause.  Any students who are interested in helping out can contact the Office of Student Affairs at (570) 941-7680

Everyone is also invited to attend the Mass tomorrow, Wednesday Nov. 7th, to pray for those who were affected by the storm.  It is important that we come together as a community and do what Scranton does best-GIVE BACK!

On a side note, be sure to come out and support all the Royal teams tomorrow, Wednesday, for the annual Midnight Madness event.  This is an event sponsored by USPB to celebrate and recognize all the wonderful teams at the University.  All of the sports teams will be introduced and there will be special performances from the Scranton Dance Team and Urban Beats Crew.  Remember to bring a nonperishable food item for admissions to help support the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  As always, there will be free t-shirts.  Hope to see you all there!

Happy Election Day!


Ms. Kara R. DeRosa

Hi everyone. My name is Kara DeRosa and I am from Staten Island, NY. Currently, I am in my 5th year as a University of Scranton student in the Occupational Therapy Master's Graduate program. As an undergrad, I was actively involved in the Student Occupational Therapy Association and still currently help out with events as needed. I also participate in intramural sports, as well as various community service events and research groups with OT faculty. I lived on-campus my first 3 years as a student but now live in an off-campus apartment. My younger sister also attends the University of Scranton and is a junior nursing major. Please feel free to comment on my posts with any questions you may have or if you are interested in getting more information about anything! Happy reading :)

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