Dead Week Not So Dead

Wow, I actually cannot believe dead week is here.  This semester sure did fly by.  In just a short week, Scranton students will be taking finals and packing up to head home for Winter Break.  This last week of classes is referred to as “Dead Week” because professors are not allowed to administer tests so students have time to begin preparing for their finals.

However, dead week isn’t really so dead after all.  As always, Scranton still has plenty of events and activites planned for their students.

This weekend my building CA planned a “De-Stress” program to help us to a study break.  She got coffee, bagels, cookies, muffins and more for us to enjoy as a way to help us take our minds off the books for a night.

Speaking of food, the DeNaples Food Court has a week full of special events.  The schedule is as follows:

Monday: Molten Brownie Special

Tuesday: Karaoke Night Monday: Molten Brownie Special

Wednesday: Free Upscale (Steak Night)

Thursday: Free Sushi

Friday: Chicken Wings at the Grill

Be sure to check out Scranton Campus Dining website to learn about other specials and check what meals are being served:

There are also a list of special holiday events and shows that will be going on over the next few weeks in the Scranton area.  Click on the link to see the top 15 most recomended specials to visit/check out before going home for break.

The tree lighting ceremony that occured on Sunday was absolutely beautiful.  Members of the Scranton community all came together for a Mass to kick off the Advent season, followed by a gathering on the commons to watch the magnificent tree.  Here’s a picture of Christmas on the Commons:

Christmas at Scranton!

Officiall 21 days until Christmas!

Good luck studying everyone & have a great week!



Ms. Kara R. DeRosa

Hi everyone. My name is Kara DeRosa and I am from Staten Island, NY. Currently, I am in my 5th year as a University of Scranton student in the Occupational Therapy Master's Graduate program. As an undergrad, I was actively involved in the Student Occupational Therapy Association and still currently help out with events as needed. I also participate in intramural sports, as well as various community service events and research groups with OT faculty. I lived on-campus my first 3 years as a student but now live in an off-campus apartment. My younger sister also attends the University of Scranton and is a junior nursing major. Please feel free to comment on my posts with any questions you may have or if you are interested in getting more information about anything! Happy reading :)

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