Let Spring Semester Begin

Welcome back to campus everyone!  I hope that everyone’s first days of classes are going well. I know mine are!

The start of a new semester means new notebooks, new classes, new professors.  Basically, lots of change.  However, change can be a good thing.  I know it can be hard adjusting to a new schedule and transitioning from break to school but here’s some things to help make the transition a bit easier:

1. Print a copy of your updated schedule.  This contains classroom numbers and professors.  Bring this with you everywhere to avoid going to the wrong building or confusing your new schedule with your old one.

2. Get organized.  After you recieve a syllabus in your first class, mark important test dates on your calendar now so it will come as no surprise when the professor announces in class that you have an exam the following week.  It’s important to organize everything early so you don’t fall behind and can begin to manage your time appropriately.

3. Enjoy yourself.  The start of a new semester can be stressful but it should also be fun.  Hang out with your friends who you didn’t get to see over break. Catch up. Enjoy a nice dinner in DeNaples.  Just remember to give yourself some free time to enjoy yourself.

So far, my classes this semester are very exciting.  I am taking 3 Occupational Therapy classes: Research Methods, Pathological Conditions II, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation.  I am most excited about my Psychsoc class because it is a practice course.  This means that I will be completing a Psych Fieldwork I this summer.

After having such a positive experience with my Pediatric fieldwork, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to complete another one.  I am also very interested in the topic of mental health and may one day work as a mental health OT.  I am  excited to learn more about this topic and apply it during my fieldwork experience.

I am also taking a counseling course, Group Dynamics, and a psychology course for my minor, Abnormal Psychology.  I am looking forward to what new and exciting experiences spring semester has in store for me.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!



Intercession Coming to an End

With just a week left of winter break it’s time to start thinking about preparing for spring semester.  Upon completion of my fieldwork, I am required to submit a journal of my experience.  While writing my entries and reflecting on the two weeks I spent observing a pediatric OT, I realized how much I actually learned from the experience.

Overall, it was so positive and educational for me.  Being able to work with an OT first hand and interact with her and her clients was such a great way to gain new information and help me to move forward on my journey toward becoming an occupational therapist.

Now that my fieldwork is over, it’s time to start getting ready for my spring semester classes.  For those students who may not have a ride back to school and need to take a bus service, the University Public Safety Department offers a free escort service from the bus station to campus.  This is a great help for students who may have a lot of luggage and are unable to carry it all from the station to their dorm.  The service is free and will be available from 3pm-midnight on Tuesday, January 29.

Here’s a link that includes more information:


Other things to keep in mind as the spring semesters approaches:

-Make sure to double check your schedule before the first day of class, Wednesday January 30.  Classroom numbers and buildings may have changed from when you first registered.

-You have until Tuesday, February 5 to add or drop any classes to your schedule online.  After this date, all class changes must be done through your advising center until March 1.

-Make sure all of your textbooks and school supplies are ordered.  The University offers a rental option for books that you may not need in the future.  Consider this option to help save yourself some money.  You may also opt to pick your textbooks up in the school store to save money on shipping.

Here’s a link for the school bookstore that will tell you all required books needed for your courses: http://www.bkstr.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?catalogId=10001&langId=-1&demoKey=d&storeId=10626

Enjoy the rest of your break!



Intercession Fun

I can’t believe tomorrow is already my last day of fieldwork.  These past 2 weeks have just flown by.  You know what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  That couldn’t be more true of my fieldwork experience.  It has been such a fun, educational experience for me.  The OT that I am working with has shared so much of her knowledge of occupational therapy with me and shown me first hand some tips and tricks to help me as a therapist.

I have always wanted to work with children and this fieldwork has been so reassuring for me exposing me to what everyday life as a pediatric occupational therapist would be like.  I am sad to see this experience come to an end but look forward to sharing my  stories with my classmates and hearing about what their fieldwork was like.

This past weekend I was actually lucky enough to visit Scranton.  My younger sister is a freshman on the diving team and there was a home meet this weekend.  My parents and I made the trip to visit her.  While we were there, we also got to watch the Men and women’s basketball teams defeat Goucher.

We enjoyed dinner in downtown Scranton at a restaurant called “Hurricane Grill & Wings.”  The food was delicious and it was just walking distance away, located right in the Steamtown Mall.  We also enjoyed a meal at Alfreda’s Pizzeria Restaurant, another delicious place located right in the town of Scranton.

These are just two of the many delicious dining places located with minutes of the campus.  With Dickson City also close by, there are endless options of delicious places to enjoy a nice meal with family or friends.

Remember, spring semester classes resume on January 30th, less than two weeks away so enjoy the rest of your break! 🙂


Fieldwork Time

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! For some, the month of January meant heading back to school for the start of intercesion.  Intercession is a time when students may take a class for 3 weeks in January in order to help them get ahead or lighten their course load for the spring semester.  Athletes on the swim & dive team as well as the basketball teams are also required to be at school during intercession for practice and games. 

However, for me, January didn’t include me heading back to school just yet.  Instead, I began my first Level I fieldwork as an OT student.  I am completing my fieldwork at the Children’s Therapy Center of North Jersey.  So far I have been there for a week and absolutely love it.  The OT that I am working with is so nice and is always explaining what she is doing with the kids so that I am better able to understand.  It is is exciting to see all the information that I have learned in the classroom being used by a real therapist with her clients. 

Since it is only level I, I am basically just observing what the OT is doing while at the site.  However, as part of my assignment, I am required to keep a daily log journal of my personal reactions to the therapy.  We are also required to complete treatment observations.  These are really cool because it gives me a chance to analyze the activities the OT is doing with the kids and reflect on it thinking as an OT.  This is a great way to prepare me for the professional world when I will be required to write treatment goals and strategies for my clients.

So far I think the thing I have learned the most about being an OT is how important it is to include the family in the therapy.  You are not only working with the client when giving OT but also all the members of his or her family.  Always explain to the parents the reasons for certain activities you are doing with the child and suggest recommendations for ways they can help by doing activites with their kid at home.  It is important to remember that the whole family is affected when a child needs therapy and showing support for them is key to successful occupational therapy.

I look forward to the next coming week of my fieldwork and can’t wait to share more of my experience with you.

Have a great week!

Kara 🙂