Scranton Survives the Snow

The first big snow storm of the year hit Scranton this weekend.  As always, however, our fabulous maintenance staff was hard at work plowing parking lots and shoveling sidewalks as soon as the snow was over.  Fortunately, the storm came over the weekend so classes did not have to be cancelled and students were able to spend the weekend outdoors enjoying the fallen snow.

It’s hard to believe but this Wednesday is already Ash Wednesday!  That means just 40 more days until Easter Sunday.  I feel like it was New Year’s Eve just last week.  For those who are interested in attending liturgy, Mass will be held at 12:05pm, 4:40pm and 8:00pm in the McIllhenny Ballroom on the 4th floor of the DeNaples Center.

In order to welcome the Lent season, a chocolate fountain can be found on 2nd floor DeNaples from 11:30am-1:00pm on so called “Fat Tuesday.”  Stop by and enjoy some delicious treats before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

This Wednesday, February 13, there will be a ski trip to Sno Mountain, a beautiful ski mountain located in Montage just 20 minutes from campus.  The cost of the trip is just 20$, which includes transportation, ski/snowboard rental including a helmet if you choose, a lift ticket for snowboarding, skiing or tubing, and a free group lesson if desired.

Since the mountain is located so close to campus, this is a great opportunity for students to enjoy the snow for an extremely low price.  Elk Mountain Ski Resort is another great location for those who enjoy winter sports.  Located about 45 minutes from campus, Elk offers “20$ College Wednesdays” for all college students wishing to enjoy the slopes.

Shown is a stunning picture of campus at sunset covered in snow:

Snowy Scranton

Snowy Scranton

Have a great week!!

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