Jesuit Tradition

The University of Scranton takes great pride in being 1 of just 28 Jesuit universities in the United States.  In order to celebrate our Jesuit identity, several events are being held on campis this week.  Here is a complete schedule of activities for the week:

I really think that this is a great way for Scranton students to acknoweldge the Jesuit traditions of the University as well as be proud of being part of such an amazing and unique community.

With my second Level I fieldwork approaching this summer, I thought it was about time for me to make my way to the Career Services office to get some assisstance with creating a resume.  This turned out to be a great decision there.  Before today, I did not know much about Career Services and the many different things they offer several different programs and services.

On top of the many different programs the Office of Career Services provides, including individual career counseling and interview skills development, they also provide career development workshops throughout the year.  These workshops cover a variety of topics including resume writing, job search assistance and graduate/professional school application.

When I met with the Assistant Director, Elizabeth Rozelle, today she was nothing but helpful.  I showed her a draft of my resume that I had made and she went through each section and gave me corrections and suggestions to improve my resume.

The Office of Career Services is an excellent resource for students to have.  I encourage everyone, even if you are only a freshman, to stop by and become familiar with the many different services that are provided.  It’s never to early to start planning for your future!

Attached is the link for the University website Career Services page:

Here’s a couple pictures of puppies that I snapped at Pet Therapy today…just to give you all a smile 🙂

photo-9 photo-6


Sunny Scranton

There’s nothing like a beautiful spring day here at the University of Scranton.  Students crowd the Dionne Green kicking around a soccer ball, throwing a frisbee, sipping some Starbucks iced coffee, some can even be found doing homework.  It really is just a wonderful place to enjoy the sun shining.  Some professors will even bring their students outside for their lessons to soak up some sun rays.  Everyone is smiling and the campus is just surrounded with happiness and the reminder that summer break is just around the corner.

The Beautiful University of Scranton Campus

The Beautiful University of Scranton Campus

Not only is the campus a perfect place to spend a spring day, the town of Scranton offers a variety of things to enjoy when the weather is just right.  Nay Aug Park is located right up Mulberry St. and offers various trails and picnic areas to enjoy.  Craving something sweet? Manning’s Ice Cream is also located within walking distance of campus and offers an abundance of delicious homemade ice cream flavors and toppings.  Lake Scranton is a must-see when the sun is out shining.  Located about 10 minutes from campus, Lake Scranton is absolutely beautiful place to enjoy the nice weather by yourself or with some friends.  There is a 3.5 mile loop around the lake that is just perfect for a nice walk or jog.

Another way that I like to enjoy the spring weather is joining intramural sports.  This year I am on a soccer and softball team.  Intramurals are a great way to stay active with friends while also getting a chance to take a break from school and enjoy being outside.  Games are usually only held once a week so there is not a huge time commitment necessary in order to participate on a team.  Attached is the link with all of the teams that are offered:

Enjoy the sun everyone!!



Welcome back everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful spring break.  It’s hard to believe that we have just 6 weeks remaining in the semester before summer vacation.

I will be starting to complete my service learning hours this coming weekend.  I am volunteering at Timmy’s Town Children’s Museum in the Steamtown Mall.  This is an ideal location because it is within walking distance from campus and provides students with an overall positive experience.  As a volunteer, I help out during birthday parties and help to run groups for the children.

I am required to complete hours for my Group Dynamics class as well as my Psychosocial Rehabilitation course.  For my Psych class, I will doing my service learning at Clark Summit State Hospital.  I am excited for this because it will be my first real exposure to a mental health setting and how occupational therapy is useful there.

I am also very excited because I just recently recieved my placement for my second Level 1 fieldwork.  I will be spending 2 weeks this summer at the Staten Island Mental Health Society.  As always, I am looking forward to gaining new knowledge about the various settings in which occupational therapists can work.  It is such a wonderful opportunity that the Scranton OT program requires of students to help expose them to all the different opportunities that are available for us.

Recently in my OT classes, we have had various guest speakers come in to talk to us about their experiences as occupational therapists.  I enjoy having guest speakers because they are able to share stories and firsthand accounts of the material that we learn about in lecture.  One of the guest speakers who works as a therapist at Clark Summit brought in some equipment that she uses with her clients.  This was a great way for us to actually see and experiment with all the different tools that are available for us, rather than just reading about them in a textbook.

As the semester starts winding down, I always find myself starting to procrastinate even more than usual.  I would just like to give a friendly reminder to everyone to stay on top of their school work!  You don’t want to fall behind and have to catch up while also worrying about studying for finals.  Just 6 more weeks and you’ll have 2 months of summer to enjoy!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!