AOTA Conference Time

So, as you all know I am an occupational therapy major and a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association.  Every year, the AOTA holds a national conference where occupational therapists and students come together for a eventful weekend.  This year the AOTA Conference is being held in Baltimore, Maryland, not too far from us here in Scranton.  This is exciting as it allows an opportunity for student and faculty to attend the conference for the weekend and take part in all it has to offer.

There are many reasons to attend an AOTA Conference, even as a student.  First, it is an absolutely fantastic learning experience.  Presentations are made about a wide array of topics so you can attend those that are of interest to you.  There are poster sessions where various posters on research projects are displayed around the room for you to look at and ask questions about.

Second, going to conference is a great way to make connections with occupational therapists who are working in the field.  Although I still have another year of school, I think it is never too early to start making connections with professionals who may be able to help with employment or in other ways in the future.

Also, it is a great idea to attend conference while you are still a student because you get discounted rates for the hotel and the actual conference.  Especially this year since  Baltimore is within driving distance!  Anyway, I am really looking forward to attending the conference and sharing my experience with you all.

As a side note, the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams will be playing the playoff semi-finals game tonight, Wednesday February 26th.  The men’s game will begin at 5:30pm and the women’s at 7pm.  Come out and show your school spirit wearing your “Wolf Pack” shirts to show your support for both teams.  They both had amazing seasons and we wish them the best of luck as playoffs begin.  Good luck to both teams!

Have a great week!



The Beginning of the End

Welcome back to the spring semester of the 2013-2014 academic year.  This semester is really bittersweet for me.  I am more than excited to be back but the beginning of this semster marks the beginning of my last semester as an undergraduate student at the University of Scranton.  Although I will still be here next year to complete my graduate year and get my master’s degree in occupational therapy, it just won’t be the same.  Looking back on these past 4 years, I can not think of a single thing that I would want to change.  I have learned more than I ever thought possible about myself, other people and life in general and I have the U to thank for that.

Enough of me being senitmental.  This week marks the 3rd week of classes and I can’t even believe it’s been that long.  Granted, we haven’t had a full week of class yet due to the large amount of snow we’ve been hit with but classes so far have been going well.  This semester I am taking two OT courses: Geriatrics Practice Course and Advanced Therapeutic Techniques. I am also taking Saints & Holiness, Exceptional Lives & Family Health.  I am excited to see what these courses have in store for me this semester.

Over intersession, I completed my final Level I fieldwork at Allied Services Skilled Nursing Center right here in Scranton, PA.  I was able to stay in my off-campus aparment for the 2 week duration of my fieldwork and had about an 8 minute commute every morning so it worked out very well.  The best part was that I absolutely loved it.  At first, I was skeptical about working with the elderly population but this experience was definitely an eye-opener for me.  I am absolutely re-considering what type of facility I want to be working in when I graduate.

That’s the great thing about fieldwork; you get to experience many different settings and what it would be like working as an occupational therapist there to help you decide what works best for you.  Before I came to college, I was sure that I would be working with children when I graduated.  However, I am not so sure that is the case anymore and I have my fieldwork to thank for that.  I am looking forward to completing my first Level II Fieldwork this summer at the Richmond University Medical Center on Staten Island in New York, where I live.

Have a great week everyone and stay warm!!