The Beginning of Many Lasts

As my last semester as a University of Scranton student begins, so does the long list of “lasts” that come along with it. My last drive back to school after winter break. My last first day of classes. My last syllabus week. The list goes on. It is almost impossible to wrap my head around the fact that once May 30th arrives, my life as a University of Scranton student will end.

But a new chapter of my life will begin and I am confident that I will be ready for whatever life has in store for me because of the lessons I have learned and experiences I have had during these past 5 years.

Enough of the depressing talk. I am convinced to make this last semester a memorable one. There are so many exciting things to look forward to..even if they are the last ones I will have the privilege of experiencing.

First, Shamrockin’ Eve will be held on Friday, March 13th. This is an event hosted by the University of Scranton exclusively for alumni in the classes of 2005-2014 and seniors in the class of 2015. As a senior last year, I attended my first Shamrockin’ Eve and am extremely excited to attend the event again this year. 

Secondly, the Annual OT Graduate Student Spring Fling will be held on March 28th. This is a fundraising event for the Thomas Jerome House (TJH), a nonprofit organization serving troops with traumatic brain injuries. TJH was created by Scranton alumnus after a fellow classmate CPT Thomas Jerome Hromisin, who was injured while serving in Iraq.

Finally, May 18th will be Scholarship Day for all of the graduate students of the OT Master’s program. This is a day when all our professors, other Scranton faculty, and our parents gather to celebrate all we have accomplished over the past 5 years. The graduate students, including myself, will present our research projects that we have been working since the beginning of the school year. It is an exciting day that we work very hard for and as much as I do not want to rush this semester, it is a special event to look forward to.

These are just a few of the many great events I’m sure I will be attending throughout the semester. I can’t wait to see what exciting times the next few months have in store for me.

Kara 🙂

Ms. Kara R. DeRosa

Hi everyone. My name is Kara DeRosa and I am from Staten Island, NY. Currently, I am in my 5th year as a University of Scranton student in the Occupational Therapy Master's Graduate program. As an undergrad, I was actively involved in the Student Occupational Therapy Association and still currently help out with events as needed. I also participate in intramural sports, as well as various community service events and research groups with OT faculty. I lived on-campus my first 3 years as a student but now live in an off-campus apartment. My younger sister also attends the University of Scranton and is a junior nursing major. Please feel free to comment on my posts with any questions you may have or if you are interested in getting more information about anything! Happy reading :)

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