It’s All Coming To An End

With just 5 short ¬†weeks of classes left, it’s hard to believe that my time as a University of Scranton is about to end. I now know how all my friends were feeling last year when they knew they were finished and I still had another year to look forward to. To say the past 5 years have been the most amazing of my life would be an understatement. I have learned and grown so much throughout my time here and I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be a Scranton Royal.

With that being said, I am also excited to see what the next chapter of my life will bring. After I graduate in May, I will be completing a 12 week Level II fieldwork. I do not yet know where I will be doing this (or when for that matter) but I know for sure that’s next on my list.

Following the completing of my fieldwork, I will spend the next month or so studying for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) Exam. The University offers a weekend review course at the end of September for those taking the exam to come back and learn some tips and tricks for the exam. I’m already looking forward to coming back that weekend and seeing familiar faces. The University’s new Rehabilitation building is also set to be completed by Fall 2015 so I am looking forward to seeing that, although I’m upset I won’t be able to use it!

It is also important to note that an individual can not even sit for the exam if they have not graduated from an accredited university. The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education of the American Occupational Therapy Association visited the University this past fall and we got accredited for the next 10 years, the highest accreditation there is!! This makes me feel confident that I truly have received amazing education over these past 5 years to prepare for my life in the real world.

Below is the link to the University of Scranton’s occupational therapy homepage if anyone is interested in finding out more about our one-of-a-kind program.

Have a good week!

Ms. Kara R. DeRosa

Hi everyone. My name is Kara DeRosa and I am from Staten Island, NY. Currently, I am in my 5th year as a University of Scranton student in the Occupational Therapy Master's Graduate program. As an undergrad, I was actively involved in the Student Occupational Therapy Association and still currently help out with events as needed. I also participate in intramural sports, as well as various community service events and research groups with OT faculty. I lived on-campus my first 3 years as a student but now live in an off-campus apartment. My younger sister also attends the University of Scranton and is a junior nursing major. Please feel free to comment on my posts with any questions you may have or if you are interested in getting more information about anything! Happy reading :)

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