Week 3

So I’ve been living in Philly for about three weeks now and I see why everyone loves it here. There are so many restaurants and attractions. It is quite an adjustment from living in Moscow, which is a really small town close to Scranton, but I’m getting used to it. I live really close to work, so my morning commute is less than 5 minutes : ) I finally got my apartment set up and I never realized how much you sit on a couch until you don’t have one. I’m really loving my job so far. I completed two weeks of training and I’m studying for the CPA.

I have gone to eat at some really great places down here such as Twenty Manning, Village Whiskey, and Butcher Singer. I’ve also discovered that Philly is extremely dog friendly, which is perfect because I have a three year old pomeranian that I am absolutely obsessed with. This is Teddy. IMG_0003


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