Getting in the groove

I love living in Philly. I never understood why everyone was so obsessed with living here, but now I understand. The food, the people, the places and the shopping (most importantly!). This past weekend I went shopping near City Hall, Walnut Street, and Chestnut Street. They are opening a Michael Kors and Nordstrom Rack store close to my apartment. I can’t decide if that is a blessing or a curse.I have gotten into my “groove” as I mentioned in the title, and I love my job so far. I have completed a lot of training and “onboarding” tasks, as my firm likes to call it. I have met with several of my colleagues who have become my coaches and mentors. They are great and their doors are always open if I need anything or have any questions. I love the atmosphere and culture of my firm. I have managed to find time to study, but I realize that it is much more difficult to do with a full-time job. I wanted to include some pictures about some of my travels here in Philly. Enjoy!
Of course I had to post this!City HallRiver walk

Of course I had to post this!


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