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HELLO! My name is Matt Tarantino (no I am not related to Quentin Tarantino) and I am very excited to share my experiences with all of you this year! Just so you know a little bit about myself, I am a junior Media and Information Technology major with minors in Broadcast Communication and Computer Information Systems. If you cannot tell, I am big into computers and media development. Some of my involvements on campus include 99.5 WUSR Scranton, our radio station here on campus, The Royal Television Network, our TV station on campus, ICE, the Initiative for Creative Endeavors, Student Government, and more. I also work in several offices here on campus, including The Technology Support Center, The Center for Service and Social Justice, and Campus Ministry.

Originally from Westfield, New Jersey, I found Scranton after my cousin recommended I come for a visit. I didn’t really know where I wanted to go to school and I especially had no idea what a Jesuit institution was all about. Coming from an average sized high school, I knew that I wanted to go to a school where the classes were smaller (not those 400 person lecture halls), where everyone knew each other (not just a number), and where everyone was really friendly with and cared about each other. Scranton seemed like it was just that. After I had received my acceptance letter, I was so excited and could not wait until move in. Anyway, fast-forward a few months and there I was, a freshman on campus and loving it! Let me tell you, coming to Scranton was the best decision of my life. I instantly fell in love with this campus and knew it was my new home away from home from the moment I stepped foot on this campus for the first time. Now two years later, I am going into my junior year. WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?

After a summer of relaxation, I was excited to start junior year and come back to see all of my friends. Campus events started right away, from USPB (University of Scranton Programming Board) events like a hypnotist performance by Chris Jones and a movie presented on the Dione Green titled “Now You See Me”, to the student activities fair where students can learn all about the 90 different clubs and organizations on campus and can sign up to join different clubs they are interested in. We also celebrated the 125th anniversary of the University by having a 125th birthday party on the Dionne Green with a cake for 500 people!! We also took an amazing picture by the photography club on campus! Oh and then there was the first week much for syllabus week!

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With that said, I am excited to see what the semester has to bring me. I look forward to making new friends, experiencing new things on campus, and enjoying my time here. Well know that you know a little bit about me, I look forward to writing each week about my different experiences on campus, and hope that you look forward to what I have to say. Have a great week everyone!

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