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Spring Ahead!


The season we have all been waiting for slowly approaching, too bad we have another week and some days to go until Spring! This winter has been horrendous with all of the snow, winds, and sub-zero temperatures but it finally seems as if we are thawing out! The only down part is that we lost an hour of sleep last night from “springing ahead”, but on the bright side we are finally able to see the grass again.

Let’s move on to what’s going on around campus. Friday will be out last full day on campus until March 24th due to our spring break! Remember, dorms close on Saturday at 12pm, but I hope to see you guys around at the Scranton’s St. Patty’s Day parade downtown! I heard it’s an amazing event ran by our city and it seems awesome; can’t wait to go!

The Philosophy Society will be hosting a meeting this Wednesday, March 12th, at 6:15PM, in LSC 565. They will be having a quest speaker talk about a hot topic with a discussion, while elections for officers next year will be held. If you haven’t gone to a meeting yet, and just want to even learn more about philosophy , feel free to come! It’s a great time and I enjoy it a lot, it’s one of the organizations I’m gladly apart of so if you have any questions about it feel free to contact anyone in the society, including myself, or Dr. Andrew LaZella.

Also, the housing lottery is coming up! Hopefully you all chose your meal plan last week because tomorrow, March 10th, we will be knowing what time we are getting for the housing lottery! Another important data that we need to know is March 19th for housing because we will be locked into our rooms then and we need to have roommates lol! Then,on April 2nd, we will be able to pick our rooms during the lottery form 5pm-10pm!

Let’s all get through this tough week of midterms, tests, practicals and all other obstacles that might be tossed in there to get us tired out before spring break! Most importantly make sure you Think Spring so maybe break will come a little faster!

-Rebecca DiValerio

Why I Chose Scranton

This weekend we enjoyed some “Royal Nighters” who were awesome! They are seniors in high school who are considering Scranton as one of their top schools so they came for a visit on Sunday, and went to classes on Monday to see what we are really about! So, while everyone is out their making their decisions about where to go, I’m going to dedicate this blog to why I chose Scranton just to let a prospective students and parents know why. These next following paragraphs I actually wrote in the summer, before attending here, in order to get this amazing opportunity to blog to you guys! So here’s a word from pre-Scranton Becca..

When I first started looking at colleges and universities across Pennsylvania, I became overwhelmed like most high school juniors and seniors. I had no idea where I wanted to go, if I wanted to stay at home or not, or what size institution I was looking for. Honestly, all I knew in the beginning of junior year was that I was going to college and that I wanted to major in some type of science. In other words, I was completely confused and dumbfounded.

As a junior I started going to all of the meetings with college representatives during my study hall. One day, I met with a Scranton representative that influenced me to visit the campus, along with my high school principal and Spanish teacher who are all proud, Scranton Alumni. 

Once I visited the campus during the spring open house last year, I could see myself there. The campus is gorgeous, the people are EXTREMELY friendly and welcoming, and the food was awesome (you can’t go somewhere with bad food!). But of course I went on plenty of other campus visits to see other places.

Even after visiting other intuitions my heart was set on Scranton. Their new Loyola Science Center is absolutely breath taking since it is made up of mainly windows and it even uses daylight to help make the building more sustainable! You can even write all over the windows to have a new place to study and show off your work! The best part of the science center is that most students will have at least one class in the center and there are numerous study rooms throughout the building so you have new place to learn.

 The University of Scranton already feels like my second home. I chose it because the staff was already welcoming to me, which was a huge plus, and all of the staff, including admissions, answered my questions fully and respected me forsaking them. Even though I was offered more money at different institutions I did not take it because my family told me to go where I felt at home and where I my heart chose. My dad even works at a competitive university, which was my second choice, and loves the University of Scranton for me more! I already know that the next four years of my life at the U will be the best four years of my life. I know we all have different stories on why we chose the University of Scranton, and that is what makes us a unique and diverse community. I can’t wait to meet new people next year and try to make an impact within the university myself by being involved in different organizations and clubs. I’m glad to call myself a Royal!

The best part about that sample blog post that I wrote is that it is all 100% true and I was able to see that all of first semester. When I mean everyone is so welcoming and friendly, they really are! I was very sick the first semester and when I was everyone, friends that I have only known for a few weeks, and the professors were all understanding and helped me out as much as I can. Also, on the bright side the science center is everything I imagined! The food is still good too, even though it isn’t Moms!

But remember, when you are picking out a college or university to go to, go to the one your heart is set on where you know you’ll be happy and successful. Don’t let others persuade your decisions. If you end up not coming to Scranton, remember it’s never too late to join our family! Good luck in your decisions seniors!

Welcome to “Spring” Intersession!


WELCOME BACK TO THE U EVERYONE! I’m so excited to be back and in the swing of things, and most importantly I missed all of you! I apologize that I did not continue my blogging over intersession due to the fact I did not know you were allowed to do so! Lol, but it’s not so much spring here yet! Today we got snow dumped on us, and a lot of it, it even got us out of classes! But I didn’t hear anyone complaining :) I mean it’s only syllabus week!

If you still need textbooks, the bookstore is having a sale of 20% off all used books! You really can’t beat that! Also, the bookstore has some cool St.Patty’s Day attire in preparation for parade day so I’d go get some gear before it’s gone!

On Friday USPB is having a opening event in DeNaples kicking off the semester! It’s going to be taking place all night and it is called “USPB after dark” and the best part is they are giving out free t-shirts. Hope to see you all there.

Also, for all of you drivers, a parking ban is still in place until 7:30 am tomorrow morning, unless told otherwise. But, you never know what could happen with this crazy weather! Make sure if you are traveling to be safe, roads are dangerous! everything is supposed to freeze again over night so even be careful if you have to walk anywhere.

Hopefully this winter weather is gone soon, I mean it is SPRING semester! Keep warm everyone and enjoy the rest of the week before the homework gets more intense!

Drink up the hot coco and coffee!

Until next week,

Rebecca DiValerio


It’s Gobble Time!

happy-thanksgivingHappy almost Thanksgiving guys! It’s that time of year again were we will sit down with family, around a table with a full feast, and remember why we are thankful for everything God has given to us. I know one thing we are all thankful for, and that’s our Scranton family because we all help each other out when we can, no matter what it is. If you can, this time of year is great to start giving back to the community! There are many service projects in the area to help families in need around the holidays! The forum and campus ministry have plenty of things you can help with if you go in and ask! :)

When leaving for break remember you must leave your dorm residence by 12 pm on Wednesday, November 27th. You can stay on campus if you must but you need to go get a form from Residence life allowing you to stay. The dorm buildings then open up again on Sunday, December 1st, at 12 pm and classes resume on Monday. If you are the last one leaving your room, make sure to lock the windows, throw out anything that may go bad, and shut off the lights. We will miss our friends for the break but we will be back at it before you know it!

But, we can’t get too comfy when we get back from Thanksgiving break because then we only have two weeks until Winter break! I can’t believe this semester is almost over!! I feel like I have grew so much from coming here as a Freshman because it was a new experience and I have only been here since August! I had to get used to the whole living on my own, laundry, and time management and I’m almost a pro! I have already met so many amazing people and I can’t wait to continue meeting more!

Make sure you guys are studying and resting before finals! We can’t burn our selves out now when we only have a couple of weeks yet! We are in the single digits of classes, we can finally see the end! :)

Stay warm the next couple of days, there is snow in the forecast! It’s going to be hard trying to get up for our early classes but we have to go, even if our bed is yelling for us! Enjoy the holidays with your family and may God be with you on your travels! Be safe, eat food, be merry with your family, and watch some football!

Until next time,

Rebecca DiValerio


A Furry Visitor on Campus

Sorry for delay my dedicated followers for this blog! I have been really sick and not on campus half of this week from going back and forth between doctors appointments! But, I am here and ready to get you updated on what’s happening at the U!

So, we have a furry visitor on campus! But, just because he’s big, furry, and cuddly, doesn’t mean he’s friendly! If you haven’t heard, there has been a bear roaming on campus! If you see or come in contact with the bear, stay calm, cool and collective, and try to get help and call campus police. But, bears aren’t harmful unless they feel as if they are in danger, so if you don’t steal their porridge, they won’t get mad at you! LOL, I’m just kidding, but make sure you don’t make them feel in danger. Here is the mug shot that has been sent to us all:

bearIt may have been a funny image and email that was received but we need to all take it serious because it is a very dangerous and serious matter. Be safe guys!

In other news, there was a fashion show last night that stunned everyone from the east coast to around the world. You had everything from cultural attire from local boutiques showing off their uniqueness! The money raised will be going to a great cause. I heard the models were fabulous as well as the outfits! I wish I would of been able to go, but go on strutting your stuff Scranton!

There will be a field trip to see the latest Hunger Games movie, “Catching Fire”, on thursday at the Midnight premiere! Tickets are on sale in Fitch and it looks like a great time! The books were amazing if you had a chance to read it! If not, I highly suggest them!

Everyone has been feeling under the weather lately because the semester has been wearing us all out! Make sure if you need to go up to Wellness to get some medicine you do because they are helpful! If not, take some nyquil and dayquil to get back into the swing of things because this is the hardest part of the semester and the last thing you want to do is fall behind! Trust me, I have needed the help of this medicine lately.

This week at school at school will be a difficult one because Thanksgiving break is coming up, then dead week, and then the dreadful finals! Make sure you keep sane by taking care of your self and not stressing out too much! If you need to relax, I always suggest taking a nap, or laying down and watching a movie! :) And remember, “it’s always the darkest before the dawn” – Florence and the Machines


November is Here!

Hello everybody! It’s now November meaning in only about one month from now the first semester will be over! It’s hard for my Freshman self to believe that I am almost done one whole semester of college since I feel like move in day was yesterday! Some of you will only have one more semester left here at the U as a full time student or plenty of students, like myself have many more semesters to come. But upperclassmen, at least we know our ways around campus now so we don’t need help!

I hope you all had a lovely week since there was so many Halloween festivities! The hoedown was fun, there was a lot of pumpkin painting, food, games, and henna tattoos going on and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have a great time! :) But now it’s time to get into some November events…

Last night, it was a big day for Women’s soccer! They beat Moravian in a close game, 1-0. That was a play off game everyone so we need to all get together on Saturday on the home side bleachers to cheer our lady royals on!

Also, there was a conversation between Paul Holdengraber, and Douglas Carter Beane in the Royal Theater about Douglas’ fame on broadway! It was hilarious, interesting, and a great time, even though it is considered a lecture. Douglas is a truly an amazing writer and director and I highly suggest you all looking him up online, or watching any of his plays! There will be one going on PBS in the fall next year for 10 years so you’ll be able to catch it!

Don’t forget this weekend, USPB is hosting the Royal Ball! Tickets are only $3 which includes a night of dancing and food in the Roaring Twenties! I heard there will also be a photo booth and a candy bar so make sure you all go! :)

Today, at 11:30am, tickets for the NY and Broadway trip go on sale in DeNaples center! It’s only $25 for a whole day in the city and a ticket to see a show! That’s an amazing deal no one should skip out on!

Tomorrow night, at 9pm there will be the Talent show with many of our fellow students singing, dancing, and acting! It will be a blast seeing what our fellow classmates are capable of outside of the classroom! :)

Lastly, Godspell will be running this whole weekend by our student run theater club at the Elm Park Methodist church on campus! Tickets are only $5 and you can reserve them all week in DeNaples or show up at the door! These students have worked hard and long for this play so I highly suggest you all go see it!

I hope you all have a fantastic week here at the U!

Well, that’s all I have for this week’s blog, until next time friends, Rebecca DiValerio!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s that day of the year where we can eat as much candy as we want, being whoever, or whatever we want to be! It is my favorite holiday because I love seeing how creative everyone really is with their costume choices! There was a halloween costume judging contest today at dinner time in upstairs DeNaples! I saw everything from the cutest UP couple, to Super heroes! I hope you all ended up getting a pumpkin milkshake at dinner it was fabulous!

Don’t let this weather get you guys upset or down, there will be a Halloween Hoedown tonight in DeNaples from 10pm-1am! It will be a ton of fun! I hope to see a lot of you guys there! There will be games, food, prizes and tons more! I honestly think this rainy weather adds to the spookiness of Halloween! If you are afraid of melting in the rain, relax and watch some halloween shows on TV!

There will be another open house this Sunday, November 1st! Students, remember to try and not go get food before 12pm because it will be mobbed! If you are a family or student interested in our university I hope you love it up here on your visit! It’s a great experience with faulty and students and it gives you the opportunity to learn how life is really amazing here at the U!

The Royal Ball is coming up! We get to jump back to the roaring 20s in the ballroom upstairs in DeNaples! USBP Novelty and Variety have been working for this event since the beginning of school and it will be a lot of fun! A full dinner will be served, there will also be a DJ, and photo booth! It’s on November 9th and the tickets are only $3! It’s a cheap and fun way to go out on a Saturday night! I know I’ll be there and I hope a lot of you come, I mean who doesn’t love to dance?

It’s sad for Halloween to almost be over because everyone went all out for the holiday from decorating the hallways with ghost, pumpkins, and spider webs! I can’t wait until we all come together again to decorate for more holidays!

I hope you all had a fabulous week here at the U, or wherever you may be! I love all of you who read these blogs, and not only mine! We all love talking about school and of course what you all to know about it! I hope you all have a great upcoming week! :)

Until next time,

Rebecca (:

It’s Fall Madness!

Hello everyone, it’s just another busy and exciting week here at the U! We were forced back into the swing of things last week by coming back on Tuesday, but we are all back into the groove! Fall break I hope was enjoyable for all, I know I had a great time! Even a few of our students went out on service trips!

On Sunday, we had our first open house of the fall semester! It was great seeing all of the families with prospective students to come by and get a taste of how awesome life here at Scranton is! The only downfall was trying to get food at DeNaples throughout the day! I actually had a good friend of mine, Nicole, who is a high school senior, come up on Saturday and spend the night with me so she could go to the open house on Sunday with her parents!  I took her to the local Steam town mall to show her what stores are around, and showed her all around campus at night to give her the real college feel.

I remember that time, I mean it was only last year! It was so hectic and confusing trying to figure out which college or university was best fit for me, but once I stepped foot on our campus, I felt at home. Hence, why I am currently enrolled and couldn’t be any happier with my decision (: Nicole and her family loved it here and who knows, maybe she will end up joining our Scranton family next fall! Regardless of where Nicole goes, I wish her all the best of luck!

Meanwhile, let’s get pumped Royals, Midnight Madness is tonight! It’s where we can go to cheer on our fantastic sports teams on a great season! It starts at 10:30 PM! I heard it’s a lot of fun and everyone goes to show off our school spirit! It sounds like a great time, I mean come on guys, who doesn’t want a FREE wolf pack tee shirt! Don’t forget to bring a non perishable item or $2.

Stay around this Sunday, October 27th, to welcome our spooky little guests! We will be seeing princesses, monsters, ghosts, superheroes, pumpkins, cats, vampires and many more! That’s right, we are holding a trick-or-treat event on Sunday for local children to walk around the dorms with their families to scoop up the free candy! It is in the afternoon so we all have plenty of time to do school work!

There is a lot of fall flavored and Halloween events going on in the city of Scranton, and on our campus! There is a trip on friday to the local pumpkin patch for $5 if anyone is interested! I’m sure there is more that I am forgetting about but check out the bulletin boards in DeNaples and your building to see what other fun things are going on!

Remember to stay warm, have fun, study, relax, and enjoy fall this week on campus! Starbucks is always an option for these cold mornings! :)


Fall Break is Almost here!

That’s right everyone! Friday or saturday (or if you’re lucky you’ll be going home even earlier!), we will all be making our voyages home for fall break! It will be nice to get some home cooked meals for a change, even though DeNaples always has great food! If you’re the last person leaving your room for fall break, make sure you sign and check off the orange paper outside of your door, I hear maintenance takes it very seriously. We all deserve this break, even for those you are too far and are staying on campus, because after all of the tests and papers due this week, we are lacking some sleep. I have seen you all in the Starbucks line right before they close; I have been there all week too!

When we arrive back on campus on the 15th, get ready for some visitors! The open house season kicks off on Sunday, October 20th, and also on November 3rd! We will be open to all prospective students, or high school students wanting to check out the campus! It will be crazy but fun at the same time! So if you don’t want long lines in DeNaples on Sunday, eat downstairs or eat in your dorm room! If you have any friends or family still in high school and you think that they would love it here, tell them about it! I personally have one of my good friends who is a senior in high school coming up and even spending the night with me on Saturday to see what our school really is about! Remember, if you see a family or anyone for that matter, looking lost and confused, point them in the right direction. We are all amazing and wonderful individuals so let’s show our perspective students that! (:

The storm on Monday was, in one word, insane! I mean when you are in a boot and forced to go to your 1pm class, and you have to walk through the commons river that floods out the front of LSC; you get a free shower on your way to class! I was a mess and I even wore a rain coat! It took my boot on my foot two days to dry, it was terrible! But the sunset after the storm was beautiful! There is always a calm after the storm, mother nature does amazing things.


Have a great time at home this weekend! Have a safe travel home, and soak up relaxation when you can because we will be back in the sung of things next wednesday! I’ll miss seeing all of you around but its not as long as winter break! Soon enough we will be home on Thanksgiving break, and winter break so keep that in mind!

I’ll be seeing you all soon! Until next time, Rebecca DiValerio.

Fall Flavors

October and fall are finally here! But, the weather continues to get warmer now, when it isn’t even summer.  I’ll take the warm weather whenever it comes along, but soon we will be wearing comfy sweaters and sweatshirts, drinking a lot of Starbucks pumpkin flavored coffees, indulging in pumpkin sweets, and enjoying our fall break! If anyone did not know fall break starts on Friday, October 11th, through Tuesday, October 15th, and classes start up the 16th. There are specific hours when campus will be closed so beware of the times to go home and to come back! You can’t come back early which I know will be hard for some of us!

There are plenty of cool events coming up on campus this month! There is an outing on the town this weekend for only $5 and it covers for a movie and dinner! Make sure to sign up for that if you haven’t done so yet! Also, psychology club is running a trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia at a steep discount! I have been there since I live fairly close to it, and it is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it! Its scary and thrilling at the same time and has different parts of the tour; one even includes walking the grounds with just a flash light! I will definitely be going on that trip! USPB is of course running plenty of events this month including Latin Explosion, ticket sales to Hershey Park (So fun and smells DELICIOUS, recommend this trip as well!), Ghost hunters, the last comic standing, and plenty more events so check out their pages to keep updated!

The holidays will also be here before you know it so look to be involved in many on campus volunteer opportunities, service trips, retreats and mission trips! There is a meeting tomorrow at 12pm and 8pm in the Moskovitz Theater for all local service trips. I will be attending the 8pm meeting so I hope to see some of you there!

This week and next week will be crazy for a lot of us with exams, midterms, reports, essays, and all of that fun stuff because professors want to cram it all in before fall break! Remember to always try your best, study hard, drink coffee as needed, and get plenty of rest! College is a choice that takes numerous hours of work but we are all in this together! At least we get a break next week and hopefully we get to see some fall foliage on our drives home! :)

I’m going to leave off with this quote to help you all through this week and I’ll be posting again soon!

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

- Aristotle