Why I Chose Scranton

This weekend we enjoyed some “Royal Nighters” who were awesome! They are seniors in high school who are considering Scranton as one of their top schools so they came for a visit on Sunday, and went to classes on Monday to see what we are really about! So, while everyone is out their making their decisions about where to go, I’m going to dedicate this blog to why I chose Scranton just to let a prospective students and parents know why. These next following paragraphs I actually wrote in the summer, before attending here, in order to get this amazing opportunity to blog to you guys! So here’s a word from pre-Scranton Becca..

When I first started looking at colleges and universities across Pennsylvania, I became overwhelmed like most high school juniors and seniors. I had no idea where I wanted to go, if I wanted to stay at home or not, or what size institution I was looking for. Honestly, all I knew in the beginning of junior year was that I was going to college and that I wanted to major in some type of science. In other words, I was completely confused and dumbfounded.

As a junior I started going to all of the meetings with college representatives during my study hall. One day, I met with a Scranton representative that influenced me to visit the campus, along with my high school principal and Spanish teacher who are all proud, Scranton Alumni. 

Once I visited the campus during the spring open house last year, I could see myself there. The campus is gorgeous, the people are EXTREMELY friendly and welcoming, and the food was awesome (you can’t go somewhere with bad food!). But of course I went on plenty of other campus visits to see other places.

Even after visiting other intuitions my heart was set on Scranton. Their new Loyola Science Center is absolutely breath taking since it is made up of mainly windows and it even uses daylight to help make the building more sustainable! You can even write all over the windows to have a new place to study and show off your work! The best part of the science center is that most students will have at least one class in the center and there are numerous study rooms throughout the building so you have new place to learn.

 The University of Scranton already feels like my second home. I chose it because the staff was already welcoming to me, which was a huge plus, and all of the staff, including admissions, answered my questions fully and respected me forsaking them. Even though I was offered more money at different institutions I did not take it because my family told me to go where I felt at home and where I my heart chose. My dad even works at a competitive university, which was my second choice, and loves the University of Scranton for me more! I already know that the next four years of my life at the U will be the best four years of my life. I know we all have different stories on why we chose the University of Scranton, and that is what makes us a unique and diverse community. I can’t wait to meet new people next year and try to make an impact within the university myself by being involved in different organizations and clubs. I’m glad to call myself a Royal!

The best part about that sample blog post that I wrote is that it is all 100% true and I was able to see that all of first semester. When I mean everyone is so welcoming and friendly, they really are! I was very sick the first semester and when I was everyone, friends that I have only known for a few weeks, and the professors were all understanding and helped me out as much as I can. Also, on the bright side the science center is everything I imagined! The food is still good too, even though it isn’t Moms!

But remember, when you are picking out a college or university to go to, go to the one your heart is set on where you know you’ll be happy and successful. Don’t let others persuade your decisions. If you end up not coming to Scranton, remember it’s never too late to join our family! Good luck in your decisions seniors!

Rebecca L. DiValerio

Hello there! My name is Rebecca DiValerio and I am a freshman at the lovely University of Scranton. I am majoring in Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, while also being on the Pre-Medicine concentration and will hopefully pursue a Philosophy Minor. I am from Aston, Pennsylvania which is right out side of Philadelphia. I am so happy to be given this opportunity to write about my new home, Scranton, and I hope you enjoy my blog! If you have any questions feel free to comment and I'll be sure to get back to you! Enjoy your day, you never know what awaits for you! "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others" - Audrey Hepburn

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