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Much to do at Montage

One of the many reasons I love being a student at The University of Scranton is its close proximity to Montage Mountain. Last Thursday, I went to see Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell and Tyler Farr perform at the Montage Mountain pavilion – and it was AMAZING. The pavilion was packed, as thousands of people from the greater Scranton community came out for the show.

Just twenty minutes outside of campus, Montage mountain offers awesome concerts (like Jason Aldean), as well as other opportunities such as participating in 5K’s, skiing, shopping, and an catching a movie at the IMAX movie theater. Freshman year, I participated in the Color Run 5K on Montage Mountain. I frequent the Shoppes at Montage, particularly the J Crew Factory store and Panera. I have gone skiing at Montage through university trips, as well as midnight movie showings at the IMAX theater. Two years ago, The University of Scranton even offered a deal where you could go see Maroon 5 at Montage. Transportation was included, and everyone I know who went had a great time.

Being able to see Jason Aldean, one of my favorite country artists, perform so close to campus was incredible. Montage Mountain offers University students with tons of opportunities for adventure, entertainment, and recreation. Definitely take full advantage of it!

Below is a picture taken at the concert, courtesy of The Pavilion at Montage Mountain:


Last chance for college firsts

Wednesdays are like a holiday to me and my friends here at The U. Every Wednesday morning is what my friends and I affectionately call “Biscuit Wednesday,” because the third floor DeNaples Dining Hall offers biscuit breakfast sandwiches loaded with eggs, cheese and bacon. Since freshman year, my friends and I have made “Biscuit Wednesday” a tradition.

So as I was sitting at breakfast in DeNaples this morning, I looked down at my biscuit breakfast sandwich and realized that this is the last first biscuit I will eat during my college experience. Silly, I know, to get all worked up over a sandwich – but that’s what senior year is. It’s a year full of lasts.

Except that’s not all I want it to be. In this year full of lasts, I want to make my senior year full of firsts, too. Some firsts are built in, like student teaching to fulfill my Secondary Education and English double major. I’ll have my own classroom, full responsibility, and a serious taste of what my career as a high school English teacher will be like. In addition to built-in firsts like this, I want to make the most of my senior year by making it full of other firsts, too.

Because that’s what college is all about: trying new things. I definitely have embraced that mantra throughout the past three years – becoming a tour guide and then a co-director for the program my freshman year; leading the Divinely Designed women’s retreat sophomore year and now serving as a head leader for this year’s retreat; becoming the forum editor sophomore year and then the managing editor junior year for the Aquinas student newspaper; studying abroad and teaching in Cape Town, South Africa junior year; the list goes on. This year, perhaps I’ll apply for a domestic service trip or for the International Service Program. Maybe I’ll volunteer to teach English to parents of English language learners in the Scranton area through the Education Department. All I know is that no matter what new experience I set off to try, I’m going to go all-in. It’s my last year here, and I’m determined to make it full of incredible firsts.

Three incredible years down, one to go!

The “S” word. My friends and I refuse to say it. “Seniors.” I can’t believe that on Friday, I will officially be a senior. It feels like my college experience has whirled by; it feels like just yesterday, I was graduating high school, full of anticipation for what college would be like. It seems unreal that this time next year, I will be graduating college.

Junior year has been incredible. I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in the fall, where I taught sixth grade, took classes at The University of Western Cape, explored the city, hiked mountains, tried surfing, and fell in love with the country, its people, and its diverse cultures. I came back and was able to live with my best friends in an on-campus apartment, resume my work-study jobs, take on the role of Managing Editor of The Aquinas Student Newspaper, and reconnect with my Scranton family. I made new friends both in Cape Town and back on campus and stayed close with the friends I have had since freshman year. Although Junior year was a whirlwind, it was perfect.

Next year, as a senior, I will serve as a co-leader for Divinely Designed, the woman’s retreat on campus. I will continue to work for The Aquinas, will continue my work-study jobs as a co-director for Royal Ambassadors, the tour guide program, and of course, posting to this Admissions Blog. Additionally, next spring I will be student teaching! I cannot wait to have my own classroom and get some real world experience before I go out into the teaching world.

Senior year is so promising. I look forward to it, but I definitely don’t want it to come, because that means I have to leave this beautiful campus, these incredible people, and my fantastic life here. Three amazing years down, and one to go. I look forward to making my senior year the best one yet!!

Below is a photo my friends and I took at the end of my freshman year. It’s crazy to see how far we’ve come in the past three years! Have a great summer everyone!


Study Abroad Reunion

This weekend, I had the extraordinary opportunity to fly out to Chicago to see all of my housemates from when I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa last semester.

The South Africa Study Abroad program pulled from all 28 Jesuit universities across the United States. That said, my housemates were from Santa Clara and Loyola Marymount in California, Marquette in Wisconsin, Xavier in Ohio, St. Joes in Philly, and Loyola Chicago! Having some of my closest friends spread out across the entire country is rough, but getting to travel to meet up with them is so much fun!!

For my housemates and I, Cape Town was characterized by our spontaneity. So when we all decided at the last minute to drop everything and fly out to Chicago for the weekend, we solidified that spontaneity, as well as our love for each other.

All day on Friday, waves of friends filed in from across the U.S. – two of my housemates who originally couldn’t come ended up surprising us all and showing up! In total, 15 out of my 20 housemates made the trek to Chicago.  Crazy!

We explored the city, ate some delicious food, and bonded with each other, picking up right where we left off five months ago in Cape Town. It honestly felt like we never left each other – the mark of life-long friends.

I am so grateful that The University of Scranton gave me the incredible opportunity to study abroad. Honestly, it was some of the best five months of my life. I made incredible friends with whom I performed service work, took classes, explored the city, went on spontaneous adventures, and had the time of our lives. I definitely recommend that every UofS student takes full advantage of our incredible study abroad program here. It completely changed my life.


Learning How To Teach

I love being a Secondary Education and English double major here at The U. Not only do we take some really cool classes, but we get to engage in incredible hands-on experiences which have definitely prepared me to become a teacher. 

Currently, I am observing and teaching lessons at Scranton High School as part of my field work for this semester. There, I observe junior American Literature classes. I have been fortunate enough to observe awesome classroom management styles from my cooperating teacher, as well as cool lesson plan ideas. I even got to teach a lesson on The Great Gatsby where we made poetry out of thematic quotes! I have had an absolute blast with my cooperating teacher and my students. Observing at Scranton High School has really reinforced my decision to become an educator.

Additionally, I just began working at an afterschool program at Riverside Junior-Senior High School! Today was our first day working at the program. Myself and two other university students created a poetry workshop (seeing as April is national poetry month!) We split students into groups and taught them the process of writing a poem by having them draw it, adding on to each other’s pictures. Then, they each wrote statements about the drawings, combined their favorite lines, and made a poem as a class! It was a lot of fun and the middle school students were super engaged!

On the drive back from the after school program to campus today, another university student and I talked about how volunteering at the after school program and working with these kids gave us so much joy. We talked about how we completely forgot about all of our stressors that we would face when we returned to campus – the homework, test, projects, and other commitments. Instead, we were completely consumed by our students’ enthusiasm and excitement. Their passion to learn fueled our passions to teach. And that was beautiful to see.

Preview Day!

Spring is my favorite time of year at The U. Not only because the heaping piles of snow have finally melted, or because I no longer have to wear four layers of clothing when I step outside – but because this is the time when prospective students choose Scranton as their home for the next four years!

Preview Day for Accepted Students is this weekend. As a Co-Director for the tour guide program through Admissions, my job is to run the tours for the day. Hundreds of students will be flooding campus this Saturday, eager to answer the question: “Is The University of Scranton the right school for me?” My job is to tell them: “Yes!” and to show them all of the reasons why.

I will be on the tour route, stationed in the library, ready to keep the tour on time, facilitate the tour route, and ensure that my podium speakers have everything they need to sell the UofS to the accepted students who stop at the library on their tours.

Preview Day is one of my favorite events to work for Admissions. I love seeing students fall in love with The U. I remember attending Preview Day as a senior in high school. All of the UofS students decked out in Royal purple were so excited to tell me how Scranton changed their lives. Being able to give back to the Scranton community that has given me so much these past three years is my favorite part of being a student here, and Preview Day is the perfect event to do that!

Women’s Retreat!

One of the things about The University of Scranton that initially caught my interest during my college search were the retreats hosted at Chapman Lake every weekend. The University of Scranton offers a wide range of retreats, stretching from less religious ones like Connections (the freshmen retreat) and Born to be Wild (a hiking retreat) to more religious retreats such as Search and Fourth Day (extensions of retreats such as Kiros or Antioch that you might find in high school.)

The U offers so many diverse retreats, making it easy for students to find retreats that interest them. I have been on a ton of retreat during my three years here. I went on Connections as a freshman and loved getting to know my class. Freshman year, I also attended Fourth Day and Divinely Designed, the women’s retreat. I can honestly say that Fourth Day and Divinely Designed changed my life.

After attending Divinely Designed, I was asked to be on the team to help lead the retreat. Sophomore year, I took part in weekly meetings to plan for the retreat in February. Those meetings gave me an opportunity to form a bond with the other nine girls on team, and allowed me to voice my experiences. I was asked to give a talk, which provided me with a chance to engage in further reflection. Then, from February 28 to March 2, we put on the best retreat I have ever attended or have been a part of.

Leading Divinely Designed gave me a chance to reflect on so many aspects of my life. After giving my talk, a lot of the retreatants came up to me, voicing that my words had inspired them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful weekend.

This weekend, the new team will lead a new group of retreatants on Divinely Designed. I feel so nostalgic that I am not able to be involved with leading the retreat this year; however, I am excited to return as an alumni of the retreat and cook meals, listen to talks, and feel the empowering inspiration that is so present on that retreat!

Here is a picture of my team from last year’s Divinely Designed retreat!

Divinely Designed 2014

Delicious Downtown Food

Walking into downtown Scranton is one of my favorite things to do. Even in a week where the temperatures dipped into the single digits, making the short walk to historic Courthouse Square to Northern Light Espresso Bar is worth it. Situated just past the University of Scranton’s new occupational therapy building that will open in the fall of 2015, Northern Light is always frequented by Scranton students seeking to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, freshly steeped tea, or a sweet pastry snack. Northern Light has carried on the tradition of “Steamtown” in the twenty first century but has substituted traditional black coal and steam trains for black coffee and steamed milk!

Curling up on one of the many couches reading a book or play for one of my English classes with soft music playing over the speakers is an exceptional environment. The cute little coffee shop is filled with crisp aromas and warm colors. At Northern Light I always seem to run into friends, classmates, or even one of my professors! With the close bonds of friendship and camaraderie forged at the University of Scranton it is not out of the question to even meet a professor for coffee after class or outside of office hours!

Another place to meet up with friends is City Market and Cafe on the walk to downtown. The City Market just around the corner from the University of Scranton and Northern Light is also a favorite of Scranton students. A former restaurant, City Market is new to Scranton last year. With no cars permitted on campus until junior year, City Market was a welcomed addition to the community last year. The store provides an establishment within close proximity to campus for students. Just a block past Hyland Hall, sandwiches, snacks, Dunkin Donuts, or grocery items are mere minutes away. There is something for everyone with a full service deli that is filled with entrees named after local Scranton things. Daily Scranton students and local Scrantonians are found daily buzzing in and out for a hot lunch or the quick errand.

In addition to Northern Light and City Market, Scranton offers Osaka, a hibachi restaurant, Eden Vegan (tofu never tasted so good!) and Kildares Irish Pub. There are plenty of other options in addition to these, and I definitely recommend that you check all of them out!

I love Scranton’s downtown area offers so many delicious and convenient options for students. Even though DeNaples and the POD markets on campus offer great food for students, it is nice to know that there are even more locations in such close proximity to the U!

A Busy Girl’s Guide on How to Stay Organized

College is stressful. From classes, to clubs, to work-study positions, students often find it difficult to find a balance and still manage to find time to see their friends. As a crazy, always-on-the-run, and overly involved college student, I want to take the time to provide a few tips and tricks for keeping organized, keeping on top of your work and commitments, and keeping from going insane :)

Like I said, I’m constantly busy. I am a double-major, taking a full course-load. With that full course-load comes twenty hours of education observations at a local high school and ten hours of educational service learning. I have three on-campus work study positions, two of which are leadership positions that require me to put in extra hours and always be readily available. I am in various clubs that meet weekly.  I am in two honor societies that meet regularly.

My days start early and end late – but I LOVE it.

If you are like me and LOVE being busy, then you know how important it is to stay organized. My first piece of advice: Get a planner! And post-it notes! Or use your calendar in your smartphone! Whatever your method, PLAN AHEAD, and write down all of your commitments for the week. On top of that, check your schedule regularly to ensure that none of your commitments clash with each other.

Second, always make sure to eat regularly. Never skip out on a meal as you bounce between meetings and classes. You need energy to keep you going, and energy stems from a healthy diet. Luckily, we have some amazing food options on campus in the DeNaples Center, the POD, and scattered throughout our academic buildings. If you are in a rush or on the run, there are plenty of grab-and-go options for you.

Third, never over-commit yourself. This one seems like a no-brainer; however, if you are like me and never turn down extra work or a new opportunity, saying no is not that easy. I always remind myself that if I spread myself too thin, then I will not be able to give my best effort in my commitments. So only take on new responsibilities you can handle.

My fourth bit of advice goes hand-in-hand with the third. Only commit yourself to majors, minors, jobs and activities which you are passionate about. If you don’t care about what you are doing, then you are wasting your time. Academic advisors are excellent resources in helping you find a major or minor which is meaningful to you. Communicating with your work-study employer or club leader prior to taking on the new job or club membership will help you determine if this opportunity is something you want to grab hold of. Never be afraid to change your mind or change your interests.

My fifth and final piece of advice is this: When you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s nothing that coffee with a friend or a movie night with your buddies can’t fix. Lucky for us, we go to The University of Scranton – a school where people will go out of their way to be your friend. I have made my closest friends at The U, and I know that whenever I am stressed, my friends and classmates are the first people I turn to. So take a study break, catch up with a friend, and remember to cherish every busy, chaotic, beautiful moment and memory you make here at The U.

Until next week!

Sarah :)

Home Sweet Scranton

Starting a new semester at the U after coming off of an incredible semester abroad made me nervous. Would I be able to readjust to the work-load? Would my professors remember me? Would my classmates remember me? What has changed at the U since I left? I did not really had a huge culture shock upon my immediate return from my semester in Cape Town, but may have had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t trying to jump back into the craziness of a semester. Would I feel the shock more intensely once I returned to campus, I wondered?

I should have known that I had nothing to worry about. The University of Scranton welcomed me back with open arms, and my first week back has been nothing but exciting. Of course I notice differences between Cape Town and Scranton – the first difference being that there are giant piles of snow up to my waist here, whereas Cape Town was an endless summer! But I feel like Scranton absorbed my culture shock, and replaced it with the coziness of home. Friends eagerly made plans to get together and catch up; I fell back into the comforting pattern of going to work and giving tours; I dove head-in to my new job as Managing Editor of the Aquinas student newspaper, and was welcomed by my co-workers; classes have been captivating; former professors reach out to meet and hear about my experience abroad. My little Scranton community has made coming home from such a life-changing adventure easy, and for that I am so grateful.

I miss Cape Town and the people I met there so much. I get hit with waves of nostalgia every time I think about my time there. But being back on campus is a reminder that it is possible to have multiple homes to miss. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, yes, Cape Town became my home. But Scranton is my home too, and it is SO good to be back. Cheers to a great semester ahead :)

Until next week!

Sarah :)

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