Halloween is Just Around the Corner!

Hi everyone!

Since Halloween is less than a week away, a lot of the clubs and counsels I am involved in have been helping with different Halloween events on campus! Three in particular that I worked on this weekend, were the Hocus Pocus Halloween event for the mentor program in my living-learning community, Haunted Hafey, and Safe Trick-Or-Treat that the Center for Service and Social Justice runs!


As I have mentioned in previous posts, I live in a living-learning community entitled Cura Personalis – which means “care for the whole person.” We have three main pillars: faith, service, and justice. Additionally, we have another “pillar” of sorts, entitled the Mentor-Mentee Program. I am one of three Co-Leaders for the Mentor program. The way this works, is that each sophomore Cura Personalis resident gets paired up with a Freshman Cura Personalis resident and mentors them for the year, to help the freshman adjust to life at college. From there, the mentors and mentees meet and have “one-on-ones” at least three times per semester (but most meet many more times than this!). As a Co-Leader for this pillar, we create fun events for the mentors and mentees to attend. On this past Thursday, exactly a week before Halloween, we decided to host a Halloween program!! We baked Halloween cookies, drank apple cider, hung out, and watched Hocus Pocus! The event was a BIG hit, and almost every mentor and mentee came! Doing this was a fun way to relax, take a break from studying, and get psyched for Halloween!

On Friday, I went home with two of my friends and my boyfriend to watch my brother’s high school senior-night football game (SO much fun!), but upon arriving back at campus on Saturday night around 10pm, I jumped right back into Scranton’s Halloween festivities!!! Residence Life turned Hafey Hall, one of the freshman residence halls into a haunted house – naming it “Haunted Hafey!” Entrance into the haunted house was $3, and all proceeds went to support students serving on ISP – the International Service Program. One of my friends was managing a room in “Haunted Hafey,” and asked my roommate and I to help as actors in her room! A lot of people came, and it was a blast!!

Last but not least, today, Sunday, the Center for Service and Social Justice put on Safe Trick-or-Treat! Little kids from all over the city of Scranton flooded campus, excited and bursting with energy, to trick-or-treat through the residence halls! For the first half of Safe Trick-or-Treat, I worked at an activities table for the Middle and Secondary Level Education Club (I am a Secondary Education & English double-major, and I am the secretary for the club). At the table, I painted children’s faces and handed out candy! Then, for the second half of Safe Trick-or-Treat, I headed back to my residence hall to help my floor-mates hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters! While I was helping with that, I saw a girl trick-or-treating who I used to mentor/tutor through an AWESOME program called Big Friends Little Friends (BFLF). BFLF is an outreach program for the children in a nearby government housing development, that the University of Scranton volunteers for in conjunction with Marywood University. I LOVED volunteering at BFLF last year, but unfortunately, because of my busy schedule this year, was unable to return to the program. Nonetheless, my heart overflowed with joy to see the fourth-grade girl I tutored last year. She ran up to me when she entered my residence hall and gave me a hug, telling me how much she had missed me. We chatted for a few minutes about how BFLF was going this year, to which she exclaimed that she loved it! All in all, seeing her was the highlight of working Safe Trick-or-Treat for me!!!

As you can see – the University of Scranton goes above and beyond to make Halloween fun and exciting for its students! One of the many things I LOVE about Scranton are that there are always so many fun things to get involved in!!! Whether it is planning and working an event for a program or club you help lead, volunteering to help raise money for a campus cause like ISP, or volunteering to help provide children from Scranton with a safe place to trick-or-treat – or even tutoring them through a program such as BFLF, the UofS will give you endless opportunities to do so! This is why one of the most prominent Ignation values that UofS students live by, is being “men and women for and with others.” Scranton students serve. It is what we do, and it is what we thrive on.

Until next week!

Sarah  :)

Open House!

Hi everyone!!

SO, I am SUPER pumped up right now, because I just got back from working Open House!!!


Today, over one thousand perspective students and their families arrived on campus, flowing into the Byron Center and the Long Center to take tours of our beautiful campus, meet with admissions counselors and financial aid advisers, and experience the welcome and genuine atmosphere that the Scranton community has to offer!

It truly warmed my heart to see the enthusiasm that poured out of the UofS student-workers admissions counselors, as we cheerfully welcomed the perspective students! As a Co-Director of Royal Ambassadors (the admissions tour-program that we have here at the U,) I got to help run the tour route today. I was stationed in the DeNaples Center, which houses the U’s student center and dining hall. There, I facilitated the podium speakers (workers who spoke to the tour-groups about the DeNaples Center,) and I ensured that the tour remained on-schedule. While working, I was able to speak to a few of the perspective students and their families. It amazes me that every time I talk to a student who is considering joining our Scranton community, I leave the conversation loving Scranton even more than I already did!!!

Looking back on my Open House experience, Scranton stood out to me for many reasons: the countless opportunities to get involved, the supportive professors, the rigorous yet fulfilling course load, the religious affiliation, the school spirit, the friendly faces of students, and of course, the amazing food. But what stands out the most, above all of those other great aspects that this school has to offer, is the atmosphere created by the people who attend and work here. This school surrounds its students with love from all those whom they encounter, and is generally just a happy place to be. As a sophomore now, I can truly recognize that the Scranton community is a family. I could not imagine my life anywhere else, nor would I ever want to.

That all being said, I feel so fortunate to have been able to witness so many perspective students fall in love with the University of Scranton today at Open House. I commend all of those involved on a job well done, and I wish all of the perspective students the best of luck with their college decision! Deciding where to spend the next four years of your life is intimidating. The best you can do is follow your heart – and for me, my heart forever belongs to the University of Scranton! :)

That’s all for this week! For more information pertaining to Open House, click here! Our next Open House is on November 3rd! I definitely encourage all perspective students to attend!!!

Have a lovely week!

Sarah :)

Our Beautiful Campus!

Hi all! It is great to be back on campus after a much-needed Fall Break!

Since we just got back from Fall Break yesterday, and because autumn is one of my favorite seasons, I want to take the time to show you all how gorgeous our campus looks this time of year!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I reside in the sophomore Cura Personalis living-learning community. Our pillars are faith, service, and justice, and as such, we plan a lot of campus-wide programs pertaining to those topics. Recently, the faith pillar of Cura Personalis created a Facebook page where the Scranton community can post pictures of campus and the surrounding Scranton area. The purpose of the page is to share photos that encapsulate what Scranton means to us, and where we see God at school.

I am so inspired by the stunning pictures that have been posted thus far. I absolutely love seeing what other students find beautiful on campus, and what they believe captures the University of Scranton’s essence. The photos serve as a daily reminder of why I love Scranton so much, and how blessed I am to attend such an incredible school. Projects like this Facebook group unify the student body, as we all come together to promote our love for the UofS!

Below, I have shared some of the photos posted by Sophomore Cura Personalis members. To visit the Facebook page, click here!








The first four pictures were taken on campus, and the last three were taken at Chapman Lake, where the UofS Campus Ministries holds all of its retreats.

Speaking of faith and retreats at Chapman Lake, I want to make a pitch for a cool retreat coming up!  Connections, a freshman retreat, is being held this weekend. I attended the retreat last year, and I had a blast! Connections is a great way for freshmen to meet other freshmen, and on top of that, you get to spend a weekend at Chapman Lake! What more could you want?? I am still friends with a lot of the people I met on my Connections weekend last year, and I have a few friends who are even leading this year’s retreat. I made so many great memories over my Connections weekend, and I encourage all freshmen and future students to attend!

Here are some pictures from my Connections weekend!

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That’s all folks! Feel free to post any comments or questions! Have a lovely week :)

Sarah :)

Busy, Busy Weekend!

Hi all! I hope you have been enjoying the warm weather as much as I have! I am definitely grateful for this spur of warm weather this weekend, as I have spent the majority of it outside!!

Like me, a lot of UofS students have been stressing over midterms, papers, exams, and the influx of work in general this week. So, the fact that this weekend held a lot of festivities was an AWESOME way to de-stress, kick back, and have some fun!!

To kick-start the fun, Friday was “First Friday” in Downtown Scranton! Live music, art exhibits, and other forms of entertainment all take over the city, providing UofS students with an awesome opportunity to celebrate Scranton! Even cooler, Residence Life at the UofS did a program this past weekend, where students could pay $5 to eat dinner at a downtown resturant of our choice, eat a desert of our choice, and attend a movie or a music event. My friends and I decided to eat dinner at Posh (lobster mac&cheese – yum!), get frozen yogurt from Coconut Summer, and watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (which was super cute!). To top it all off, the city put on fireworks in town square!

Here are some First Friday pictures!



To continue the festivities, on Saturday morning, a group of my friends and I took part in the Color Mania 5K, which supports Marley’s Mission (Click for more info!) It was SO much fun!! A ton of UofS students ran the 5K, which took place at Montage Mountain, approximately ten minutes from campus. As we ran (and when I say  “ran,” I really mean  “walked”  :)), volunteers doused us with colored powder, to the point where we were totally covered in color! The Color Mania 5K was a great way to get some exercise, have some fun, enjoy the gorgeous weather, and support a great cause.

Here are a few pictures of my friends and I from the Color Mania 5K! (The last is of the beautiful view that we got to see while we ran!)

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Lastly, to finish the weekend strong, on Sunday a few of my friends and I went to Robas Farms, just fifteen minutes away from campus! There, we went apple-picking (The apples that we picked were DELICIOUS), and I got to feed a goat! The farm is set back near a small pond, and is surrounded by beautiful autumn-colored trees. Even though it was 70 degrees outside, the scene itself made it feel like fall! Definitely add Robas Farms to your Scranton bucket-list!!

Here are a few pictures from the farm!

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As you can see, it was a GREAT weekend! If you are like me and always like to be doing something, I promise that Scranton will always keep you occupied and on the run!! Scranton offers so many fun things for students to do. From downtown dinner&movie nights, to crazy color-filled 5K’s, to festive apple-picking, Scranton has it all!

Thanks for tuning in :) Feel free to leave a comment! As always, I would be glad to hear your thoughts on my post and answer any questions you might have!

I hope you all have an AWESOME week!

Sarah :)