Spring Fest!/Last Post of the Semester!

Hi all!

As the year comes to an end, the University of Scranton always goes out with a bang! On Saturday, USPB (The University of Scranton Programming Board) put on its annual Spring Fest!

Spring Fest is a huge festival held on campus every year right before Dead Week (AKA, the week before finals). It features live music, battle of the bands, games, food and fundraisers! All of campus flocked to the Byron Center to celebrate spring and have fun during our last weekend before finals.

One of my favorite parts of Spring Fest was the DJ who came at night. There was a huge dance party in the Byron Center. Everyone had glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark sunglasses, and we all sang and danced our way into spring!

Here is a picture from the dance party!



So now that we have celebrated spring, it’s time to buckle down and study for finals so that we can jump into summer!

Personally, I find that finals seem less intimidating if you plan ahead. Start prepping early; organize your notes; meet with a study group. Give yourself time to collect your study materials for each class, and map out a schedule to ensure that you devote time to each final. Coffee comes in handy too…good thing we have a Starbucks on campus!

Above all else, though, give yourself time to have fun with your friends. Sure, your GPA is important, but  looking back on your college experience, your memories will be with your friends, not the nights you spend studying in the library. So budget your time. Balance studying with having fun. You might not see some of your friends all summer. For me, I will not see the majority of my friends for five months, as I am leaving to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa for the fall semester. So, have fun. “Live in the sunshine; swim the sea; drink the wild air,” as Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it. Let go of your anxiety, your stress and your self-doubt. Your grades will be just fine. :)

Well, that’s all for this semester! The next time you guys hear from me, I’ll be in Cape Town…craziness!! Until next year!

Sarah :)


Hi all!

Lots of exciting things are in store as the year winds down and students prepare for finals!

Currently, I am working to find volunteers to work Commencement events. These events include: Senior Night, Baccalaureate Mass, Graduate Commencement and Undergraduate Commencement.  For my as a Co Director of Royal Ambassadors, I get to stay for Senior Week, the week after finals, to help plan and staff all of these events. It is a lot of fun!

Last year was my first time working the Commencement events. I had so much fun during the preparation process, placing volunteers in position for each event and organizing all of the information. Furthermore, I absolutely LOVED staying to say goodbye to my friends who were graduating. There is not a huge divide between grades here at The University of Scranton: Everybody is friends with each other, regardless of age or graduating class. We all get to know each other through classes, retreats, service projects, work study positions and clubs. As a freshman last year, I had met so many amazing seniors whom I quickly had to say goodbye to as they graduated that same year. That being said, I feel so fortunate that I was able to not only stay during Senior Week to spend time with them, but also say a final goodbye at Undergraduate Commencement itself.

On the day of Undergraduate Commencement, my job as a Co Director of Royal Ambassadors is to make sure that all graduate’s caps and gowns are on the right way, and that their honors cords are correctly positioned. Basically, I run around like a crazy person underneath the arena checking all of these things, haha. Then, I help the graduates process out into the arena (which, by the way, is an AWESOME location for their Commencement ceremony!) But my all-time favorite part of my job on Commencement day is when I get to stand at the bottom of the stage as the graduates receive their diplomas. Standing there, I was able to hug all of my senior friends as they walked off stage, diploma in hand, saying goodbye to The University of Scranton and marched on towards “real life.”

I truly feel so blessed to be able to partake in this amazing ceremony, as well as the other Commencement events. The University of Scranton does a FANTASTIC job with its Commencement events, making them memorable and special for all involved. I cannot wait to start prepping for Commencement in two weeks. It will be a blast!

Until then, we are looking for volunteers, so here’s my shameless plug…to any current students reading this blog entry, please sign up to work Commencement! It is truly an amazing experience! :)

Here are some pictures of myself and the other Co Directors from last year’s Commencement ceremony!



That’s all for this week! Happy spring, and remember to keep spreading that Scranton sunshine!

Sarah :)