Preview Day!

Spring is my favorite time of year at The U. Not only because the heaping piles of snow have finally melted, or because I no longer have to wear four layers of clothing when I step outside – but because this is the time when prospective students choose Scranton as their home for the next four years!

Preview Day for Accepted Students is this weekend. As a Co-Director for the tour guide program through Admissions, my job is to run the tours for the day. Hundreds of students will be flooding campus this Saturday, eager to answer the question: “Is The University of Scranton the right school for me?” My job is to tell them: “Yes!” and to show them all of the reasons why.

I will be on the tour route, stationed in the library, ready to keep the tour on time, facilitate the tour route, and ensure that my podium speakers have everything they need to sell the UofS to the accepted students who stop at the library on their tours.

Preview Day is one of my favorite events to work for Admissions. I love seeing students fall in love with The U. I remember attending Preview Day as a senior in high school. All of the UofS students decked out in Royal purple were so excited to tell me how Scranton changed their lives. Being able to give back to the Scranton community that has given me so much these past three years is my favorite part of being a student here, and Preview Day is the perfect event to do that!

Women’s Retreat!

One of the things about The University of Scranton that initially caught my interest during my college search were the retreats hosted at Chapman Lake every weekend. The University of Scranton offers a wide range of retreats, stretching from less religious ones like Connections (the freshmen retreat) and Born to be Wild (a hiking retreat) to more religious retreats such as Search and Fourth Day (extensions of retreats such as Kiros or Antioch that you might find in high school.)

The U offers so many diverse retreats, making it easy for students to find retreats that interest them. I have been on a ton of retreat during my three years here. I went on Connections as a freshman and loved getting to know my class. Freshman year, I also attended Fourth Day and Divinely Designed, the women’s retreat. I can honestly say that Fourth Day and Divinely Designed changed my life.

After attending Divinely Designed, I was asked to be on the team to help lead the retreat. Sophomore year, I took part in weekly meetings to plan for the retreat in February. Those meetings gave me an opportunity to form a bond with the other nine girls on team, and allowed me to voice my experiences. I was asked to give a talk, which provided me with a chance to engage in further reflection. Then, from February 28 to March 2, we put on the best retreat I have ever attended or have been a part of.

Leading Divinely Designed gave me a chance to reflect on so many aspects of my life. After giving my talk, a lot of the retreatants came up to me, voicing that my words had inspired them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful weekend.

This weekend, the new team will lead a new group of retreatants on Divinely Designed. I feel so nostalgic that I am not able to be involved with leading the retreat this year; however, I am excited to return as an alumni of the retreat and cook meals, listen to talks, and feel the empowering inspiration that is so present on that retreat!

Here is a picture of my team from last year’s Divinely Designed retreat!

Divinely Designed 2014