Three incredible years down, one to go!

The “S” word. My friends and I refuse to say it. “Seniors.” I can’t believe that on Friday, I will officially be a senior. It feels like my college experience has whirled by; it feels like just yesterday, I was graduating high school, full of anticipation for what college would be like. It seems unreal that this time next year, I will be graduating college.

Junior year has been incredible. I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in the fall, where I taught sixth grade, took classes at The University of Western Cape, explored the city, hiked mountains, tried surfing, and fell in love with the country, its people, and its diverse cultures. I came back and was able to live with my best friends in an on-campus apartment, resume my work-study jobs, take on the role of Managing Editor of The Aquinas Student Newspaper, and reconnect with my Scranton family. I made new friends both in Cape Town and back on campus and stayed close with the friends I have had since freshman year. Although Junior year was a whirlwind, it was perfect.

Next year, as a senior, I will serve as a co-leader for Divinely Designed, the woman’s retreat on campus. I will continue to work for The Aquinas,¬†will continue my work-study jobs as a co-director for Royal Ambassadors, the tour guide program, and of course, posting to this Admissions Blog. Additionally, next spring I will be student teaching! I cannot wait to have my own classroom and get some real world experience before I go out into the teaching world.

Senior year is so promising. I look forward to it, but I definitely don’t want it to come, because that means I have to leave this beautiful campus, these incredible people, and my fantastic life here. Three amazing years down, and one to go. I look forward to making my senior year the best one yet!!

Below is a photo my friends and I took at the end of my freshman year. It’s crazy to see how far we’ve come in the past three years!¬†Have a great summer everyone!