Last chance for college firsts

Wednesdays are like a holiday to me and my friends here at The U. Every Wednesday morning is what my friends and I affectionately call “Biscuit Wednesday,” because the third floor DeNaples Dining Hall offers biscuit breakfast sandwiches loaded with eggs, cheese and bacon. Since freshman year, my friends and I have made “Biscuit Wednesday” a tradition.

So as I was sitting at breakfast in DeNaples this morning, I looked down at my biscuit breakfast sandwich and realized that this is the last first biscuit I will eat during my college experience. Silly, I know, to get all worked up over a sandwich – but that’s what senior year is. It’s a year full of lasts.

Except that’s not all I want it to be. In this year full of lasts, I want to make my senior year full of firsts, too. Some firsts are built in, like student teaching to fulfill my Secondary Education and English double major. I’ll have my own classroom, full responsibility, and a serious taste of what my career as a high school English teacher will be like. In addition to built-in firsts like this, I want to make the most of my senior year by making it full of other firsts, too.

Because that’s what college is all about: trying new things. I definitely have embraced that mantra throughout the past three years – becoming a tour guide and then a co-director for the program my freshman year; leading the Divinely Designed women’s retreat sophomore year and now serving as a head leader for this year’s retreat; becoming the forum editor sophomore year and then the managing editor junior year for the Aquinas student newspaper; studying abroad and teaching in Cape Town, South Africa junior year; the list goes on. This year, perhaps I’ll apply for a domestic service trip or for the International Service Program. Maybe I’ll volunteer to teach English to parents of English language learners in the Scranton area through the Education Department. All I know is that no matter what new experience I set off to try, I’m going to go all-in. It’s my last year here, and I’m determined to make it full of incredible firsts.

Sarah E. Mueller

Hello! My name is Sarah Mueller. I double major in Secondary Education and English at the University of Scranton, and am member of the Class of 2016. Currently, as a second-semester senior, I am student teaching at Scranton High School, and I am loving every second of it! Because I am a second-semester senior (and am totally feeling the nostalgia set in), here are a few of my college highlights:

1. Last fall, I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa (and I loved every second of it!). There, I got to teach sixth grade English as a Second Language in the townships. This was by far the most rewarding and eye-opening experience of my life.
2. I work as a Co-Director for Royal Ambassadors (our Admissions tour guide program). I hire and train tour guides, help run Open House and Commencement events, and even get to give a few tours, myself!
3. I was the Head Leader for Divinely Designed, The Women's Retreat, this spring. I was also on team to lead the retreat my sophomore year.
4. I am an active member of Kappa Delta Pi, the international honors society in Education, as well as Sigma Tau Delta, the international honors society in English.
5. I lived in the Cura Personalis living learning community my freshman and sophomore years, creating and participating in faith, service, and justice related events.
6. Up until this semester, I was a staff writer and a section editor for The Aquinas Student Newspaper. Last spring, I even tried my hand at being the Managing Editor!

Although I definitely do not want my college experience to be over, I am excited to get out into the real world and apply all of the incredible lessons The UofS has taught me about being a teacher, but more importantly, about being a person.

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