Did ya miss me?

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past month – Senior year has been super busy! Here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to:

  1. Student teaching application! Next semester I have the incredible opportunity to complete my student teaching (hopefully) at Scranton High School, administration approval permitting! My cooperating teacher who I observed last spring requested that I student teach with her, and I could not be more excited! She teaches junior American Literature and senior British Literature – two of my favorite topics! I submitted my student teaching application earlier this month, and once I take the Praxis test in two weeks and my clearances go through, I should have my placement finalized. The Education department has been phenomenal in preparing us for our student teaching. I can’t want to get started next semester!
  2. ISP! Last week, I submitted my application to take part in this summer’s International Service Program (ISP). Through ISP, teams of student volunteers travel to countries in Central and South America to engage in service together for 7-10 days over the summer. Today, I received an email saying I made it through to the interview process of the application, and it made my day! I should know by the end of November whether I am chosen to go on the service trip. This trip really hones in on what it means to be “Men and women for and with others.” This Jesuit ideal is strung through all aspects of campus life here at the UofS, with ISP being one of many awesome examples of how we serve one another here.
  3. Camping! The UofS is in such an awesome location. It’s only two hours from New York City and Philadelphia, fifteen minutes from mountains at Montage to ski and snowboard at, and close to dozens of awesome places to hike and camp. Two weekends ago, I went camping at a site about an hour and a half from campus at Round Valley in New Jersey. We hiked about four miles into our campsite, which was right on the reservoir. The trails, which winded through woods, the giant, clear reservoir, and site were all beautiful, and camping was so much fun!
  4. Fall break! Last weekend, my roommate and I road-tripped to Chicago to visit our friend who graduated from the UofS last spring. It was a blast! We caught up with each other while exploring downtown Chicago, trying deep-dish pizza, and of course, hitting all the touristy must-do’s! I love that the University community stays so close with each other after graduation. It makes me dread my own graduation this year much less!

Here’s a picture of my roommate and I at the Bean in Chicago!


Last but not least, Open House is this weekend!!! Open House is one of my favorite events at the UofS. Hundreds of prospective students flood campus to determine whether the UofS is the right match for them. As a Co-Director for Royal Ambassadors, the tour guide program here, I have the awesome opportunity to both plan and manage the tour route, and also interact with these prospective students and their families. I can’t wait!!