Open House

I can’t believe it’s November already! With only five¬†weeks left in the fall semester, I have begun to approach some of my first “lasts” of my college experience.

One of those “lasts” was Open House. I have been working for Admissions since freshman year. My job as a Co-Director for Royal Ambassadors and a tour guide has been a defining part of my college experience. Part of my job in Admissions involves helping to manage and direct the tours during Open House. From leading the tours freshman year to managing the tour route sophomore, junior, and now senior year, Open House has always been one one of my favorite events to work on campus.¬†This past Sunday was my last Open House.

My job in Admissions has given me a guaranteed hour-and-a-half slot, twice a week, to talk up The University of Scranton. I always joke that I get paid to do what I do all the time anyway – telling anyone who will listen why I love this university. After giving tours and working events like Open House, I feel elated. Truly, interacting with prospective students makes my day. Deciding to go to The University of Scranton was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and encouraging prospective students to make that same decision if one of my favorite ways to give back to the place that has shaped not only my college experience but the person who I have become.

Below is a picture of myself and the other Co-Directors, prepping for my last Open House:

open house

And here’s a picture of myself and two of my closest friends who worked as Podium Speakers in the Library with me for our last Open House:

open house 2