Gearing up for student teaching!

It’s finally here: the second semester of my senior year. (*Gasp!*) It’s the semester full of laughs and lasts, all while slowly allowing yourself come to terms with the fact that you will soon have to be a “real person” and leave the beautiful bubble we call The University of Scranton.

I am so fortunate to get a taste of what it’s like to be a “real person” during my student teaching this semester. After three and a half years of learning strategies, methods, and essentially every literary movement ever, I can finally apply all that I have been taught, making the exciting transition from student to teacher.

In just two weeks, I will be teaching Junior American Literature and Senior British Literature at Scranton High School (and I’ll be singing “We’re All in this Together” with my second-semester senior students as we all get through our final semesters of school!) While I definitely bought way too many clothes over winter break in the name of student teaching, and definitely didn’t get enough sleep over break to make up for the serious lack of sleep to come with student teaching, I am beyond excited to get started!!!

Tomorrow, I will meet with my cooperating teacher to get the books, plays, and poetry I will be teaching! I can’t wait to start preparing lesson plans, forming assessments, and getting to know my students. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I know it will be an amazing experience!!!!!

Miss Mueller