Senior thoughts

On Tuesday, I picked up my cap and gown, but the realization that I am graduating in a month and a half still did not hit me. On the other hand, having my content supervisor come in today to observe me for the last time during my student teaching experience, really hit home. For me my degree in Secondary Education and English from The University of Scranton has become a significant part of my identity. So much so, in fact, that last week, I was awarded the Mary E. Quinn Award for Excellence in Secondary Education, which I am incredibly honored to have received. With all of the hours I have been putting into planning, instructing, assessing, and reflecting on my student teaching experience, it sometimes feels as though my entire college career has been building up to becoming a teacher, and in many ways, it has. I am so incredibly grateful for the education I have received at The University of Scranton. The excellent academics here have provided me with a solid foundation for building my career as a future English teacher.

That said, however, there have been so many more facets of my education at The University of Scranton that have shaped my identity. The people I have surrounded myself with since Freshman year, the service I have performed in my field of Education both locally and abroad, and the opportunities I have been given have all molded me into an entirely different person that who I was when I first moved into my freshman room in McCourt Hall. The “Scranton” moments I have had through my job as a tour guide and co-director for the tour guide program, through my leadership of The Women’s Retreat, through studying abroad and teaching in Cape Town, South Africa, through the late nights and silly conversations with my best friends, have all impacted me in indescribable ways.

With a month and a half left as a University of Scranton student, looking back, I feel that I have stretched my arms widely across all that The University of Scranton offers. Looking forward, I know that even decades after I graduate, I will be supporting this university, which has offered me so much support and love. I will always be a tour guide, encouraging my future students (and everyone I know) to attend The University of Scranton. I will always hold Campus Ministries near to my heart, and will continue supporting retreats and empowering others. When I one day teach abroad, I will always tell my international students of how The University of Scranton not only taught me to love teaching, but taught me to love people, love culture, love service, and love the person I have become. I will always be a product of this incredible University. I will always be a Royal.

Here’s to the 42 days, 19 hours, and 47 minutes I have left in this incredible place. Stay tuned to read about how I plan to make every moment count 🙂