I <3 student teaching

Hi all!

As my time at The University of Scranton winds down, so does my time student teaching at Scranton High School. Truly, I could not have been more blessed to have been placed with such an incredibly cooperating teacher, with such an incredible group of junior and senior students. I have learned so much about teaching, and about myself, as I grow daily toward being the type of teacher and person who I want to be.

Today, a student in one of my senior classes asked me when my last day was, and I told them May 13. A few students jumped in, saying they would miss me. I promised them that I would come back for their graduation, which they became very excited about. At the end of class, one of my students came up to me, and gave me the most beautiful plaque, engraved with Scranton High School’s emblem, as well as my last day of student teaching. He told me that he had been working on this for weeks, and wanted me to have it to hang up in my own classroom one day. This kind gesture warmed my heart, and let me know that I was both valued as a teacher, and as a member of the Scranton community.

Anibal's plaqueHere’s the plaque my student made for me! I’m having all of my students sign it tomorrow 🙂

On Friday night, I attended Relay for Life on The Univsity of Scranton campus. There, I got to talking to one of my English professors, and told him I had employed one of his teaching strategies in my classroom. On Sunday morning, I attended the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honors Society induction, where I spoke to two of my former professors, and them I had also employed methods and content from their classes into my lessons at Scranton High School. All three of the professors separately told me that the fact that I had borrowed their methods and strategies, and had applied their content to my own lessons was the best compliment a teacher could receive. As I see my own students engage in my lessons, and as I see other teachers ask to use cool lessons and materials I made in their own classes, I totally comprehend the enormity of that compliment. Teaching is all about giving – giving to your students, giving to other teachers, and giving to the community. Student teaching at Scranton High School has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my college experience. I am so grateful to The University of Scranton for giving me the opportunity to teach there, to give back to the Scranton community, and for preparing me to do so.