Not So Far Away

Is it actually over? Is the first semester of my Junior year done in less than two weeks?! You mean to tell me that Christmas is less that twenty-five days away?!

I am awestruck that the end of the first semester is upon us. I am sure I am speaking on behalf of the majority of students here at The U of S who feel that this was one of the fastest semesters thus far.

This is the time of year when everyone is pushed for time, stressed out about finals (next week) and are in panic mode. Your friends are cranky and you do not even have time to call your parents because you are just THAT busy.

During this “dead” week when we all feel tired, grumpy, and stressed, we try to remain calm and tell ourselves that everything will be fine and that we will get through it. Just today I saw my friend walking out of the library and she looked like she was on the verge of pulling out her hair. Even though I felt like doing the same, I reassured her that she would get through this week and next- we ALL will!

Sometimes it is harder to convince ourselves of that, though. We battle between last minute papers and group presentations, by also beginning to study for finals. However, I am going to provide you with three simply rules to apply to the next week.

The THREE S’s.

1. Smile.

I understand that this can be challenging during such stressful times, but I promise you it will benefit you and OTHERS. Smiling gives you confidence and makes you feel ready to take on the next assignment. It also brightens someone else’s day. This becomes a domino effect and soon everyone starts to smile. :)

2. Stretch

Working out or taking time to stretch for ten minutes will relax your muscles. Take a break from studying and share a ten minute, quiet Yoga session with the girls!

3. Snack

Personally this is my favorite. I understand that missing meals is more common during this time, however, do not forget to snack throughout the day. If you are losing sleep, eating will help you regain focus and give you energy!


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