Happy Holidays!

WE DID IT! We completed fall semester. All those long hours at the library and the frequent trips to Starbucks sure paid off!

There is no greater feeling than the relief of handing in that last final exam. In that moment you realize that the past four days without enough sleep, little to eat and a headache was well worth it.

As the semester comes to an end remember to reflect on the past few months. What moments do you remember most? How was the adjustment from summer to a new school year? Did you take on a new course? Join a club or group? Build new relationships?

These are the events and moments that make up your college experience at The University of Scranton. It is important to hold onto each one of them.

In the mean time enjoy your family at home! Go on adventures and learn new things! Take up skiing, or give back to your community! This is the time of sharing and surrounding yourself with loved ones!

(Don’t forget to eat sweets and lots of food)


Happy Holidays!

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