Coming To An End

It is unbelievable how fast this winter holiday has gone! In just two weeks the University of Scranton campus is going to be filled with students, professors, noise, and energy. Everyone will be beginning a new, exciting semester!

Two weeks is close, however, I am not trying to rush through them. I am enjoying my time at home without having any commitment to anyone or any group, class, job, ect. I am able to steer away from being in a set schedule for a couple of weeks!

For the past month I have by no means set myself in a routine. Rather, I took each day as it came, and I continue to do so. Part of being on break gives me the chance to RELAX and do whatever I feel like doing!

Yesterday, I wanted to go visit my cousins. Since I had no plans, nothing impeded me from doing what I wanted. Last week I wanted to see Zero Dark Thirty, and so since I had no other plans I did just that.

I, like most students, are taking advantage of having the freedom to choose the day’s activities. Once school comes around our week (for the most part) is set in some sort of schedule.

During the remaining two weeks I plan to rest, sleep, spend time with close ones and try not to THINK. I know that as soon as school starts up again, myself, like so many other students, will slip into a routine.

So my advice for anyone reading this? Treasure this time you have off and allow yourself to have the freedom to choose what to do each day! :)

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