Starting Spring Semester

Seven weeks. Seven weeks since campus has been filled with bodies, laughter, and excitement. While the long break was much needed for all of us, I can confidently say that I am relieved to be back.

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, the University of Scranton is very much a home away from home. It is our safe house where we feel secure, comfortable and surrounded by a supportive group of friends and faculty.

The minute I moved back into my apartment I felt at home. My two roommates were already here and they were relaxing on the couch- a familiar sight. I guess I can say I am happy to be back!

Not only do I enjoy seeing the many familiar faces again, but I can begin the last semester of junior year (this isn’t AS exciting, nor does it make me happy). However, there is nothing better than spring semester on campus.

The weather begins to warm up (slowly), the sun shines more often, Lacrosse games begin, I can walk downtown and attend the many on-campus events!

In the meantime I will walk around with a smile on my face and soak in the last semester of my junior year. I suggest everyone appreciate the next few months because before long the end of the year will be approaching!

Happy return to Scranton!

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