Stay A Night

For seniors in high school, this time of year can be moderately stressful. Choosing which university or college you want to study at isn’t easy.

You are trying to weigh the pros and cons of each,while listening to your parent’s input and opinion(s). At the same time you are trying to predict where you can see yourself – and that is most certainly the most difficult task.

However, there are a few solutions to these problems. Here are a few tips:

1. It is all about YOU: sometimes you need to remind your parents that you’re the one attending college, not them.

2. Write down REASONS: list the pros and cons, and then begin eliminating schools that have mostly cons.

3. Focus on YOUR FEELINGS: do not disregard your gut feeling & shy away from your intuition. Go with what feels right to YOU.

4. VISIT: visit each school and get a real feel of the campus, student and college life!!

And now number four leads me to my biggest advice/tip…

There is an event at the University of Scranton that could make your decision-making less hectic. This weekend and next weekend YOU can spend a night and day ON campus and actually experience life as one of us!

Royal Nights is a hit among high school students, and is successful! Students stay in a dorm or an apartment with other freshman, sophomores, juniors or seniors. They also attend classes Monday mornings.

The students connect well with one another and provide you with answers to your questions, and can help you feel less-stressed.

By staying over, you can refocus your feelings on the school, add to your pros and cons list, and find out YOUR reason(s) why you want to attend The U of S!

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