Smile For Students

A smile can go a long way. The small gesture is contagious, and can truly brighten someone’s day.

Smiling is warm and welcoming. It gives the impression that you are kind and genuine.

An individual will acknowledge it and return the favor by smiling back, or he or she will even greet you by saying, “hello”!

Yesterday morning and afternoon  as I was walking outside and inside The DeNaples Center, I noticed the many smiling faces. Parents, grandparents and siblings were on-campus picking up their sons/daughters from our Royal Night program.

As expected, the families and students appeared happy and excited to be here. Immediately, that gave ME a reason to be happy. I am proud to attend The U of S and seeing everyone else enjoying their time here made me smile!

A smiling face leaves a promising impression, too. Parents and students leave our campus feeling good, and they will remember our friendly, welcoming environment.

Whenever you are walking around and see familiar or unfamiliar faces, look and be happy!

And remember, no matter how you are feeling make sure to turn that frown upside down!

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