The Office Visits Scranton!

Admit it- the only reason you’re reading my blog is because you’re more interested in The Office, and you’re hoping I’ll share some valuable information or images of the cast (which I will).

I am never surprised when perspective students and their families immediately ask me 1. if I watch The Office, or 2. if the episodes are actually set in Scranton, PA.

Embarrassed to say, I am not a diehard fan, although I have watched more than one episode. Regardless, the fact that such a well-known television show takes place in Scranton is something I am proud of.

It turns out that other students, faculty, staff and locals were also proud because  thousands of people lined the streets Saturday, May 4. The anticipation to see and (potentially) meet the cast of The Office was overwhelming.

Here is the proof:

image-6   image

The sun was shining, the fans were ecstatic and the cast was, well, just as (if not more) excited to be in Scranton! They Tweeted photos of students and locals, and hugged children and parents.

Fans were holding signs with quotes written on them. Camera flashes were going off every few seconds. Screaming women were running up the vehicles!

According to Scranton’s newspaper, The Times Tribune, roughly 20,000 people lined the streets during the parade. Being part of the parade, I can agree that there was an overwhelming amount of people.

The Office wrap-up, which included the parade,  a “Q & A,” a visit to the PNC Field and a visit to our campuses’ very own DeNaples Center, brought many smiles and a lot of laughter to The University of Scranton.

It brought the community together. For all those who attended, we can all agree that it will be a moment we will remember. This will be one of the many memories captured and carried with us post graduation.

The most important and valuable piece of information I learned about Spring Fest and The Office wrap-up was that there is…

Ain’t no party like a Scranton party cause a Scranton party don’t stop!!!




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