A Fresh Start

For some this is a new beginning. For others it is nothing new. And  for me it is the end.

Over two weeks ago I packed my car and drove to The University of Scranton to unpack my many belongings into my fourth (and last) on-campus bedroom. While re-arranging furniture and decorating the white walls, it dawned on me how quickly the past three years have gone.

But it was not until the morning after I settled into my new abode, that I felt like an older-timer (AKA: senior). For two hours I voluntarily moved freshman into the dormitories during our unique Move-In day. As I unloaded parent’s cars and rushed containers, bedding, and carpets up the stairs, reality sunk in. I was actually jealous of the freshmen!

These eighteen/nineteen year old girls and boys get to enjoy four whole years at The U! I find this to be unfair. I believe that all seniors would all agree that we would journey back in time to freshman year in an instance.

What is so unique about the first year is that these young men and women start a new transformation. They engage in conversation with strangers, sign up for clubs of interest, attend lectures and familiarize themselves with what will become their second home. Little do they know that each decision they make the first year truly sets the scene for the next three. When they reach senior year, like me, they reflect back on how important each decision was, and how it shaped them into who they become.

I, of course, don’t inform any freshmen of this. It is up to them to figure out the paths they want to travel, and to enjoy every moment. Freshman year is the chance go make mistakes and grow. My only piece of advice to the incoming freshmen is to get involved. There is nothing more satisfying than graduating knowing that you used the many resources offered here.

The U of S students are highly involved in community service, over 3,000 students participate in intramural sports, and most students join clubs. The majority of students partake in events throughout the year, many of whom put them together. Campus is constantly advertising new, upcoming events, and the school encourages students to take part in them.

Getting involved not only provides a student self-satisfaction, but it allows students to interact with others, thus forming relationships with others. It makes is easier for them to meet people and broadens their friendship circle(s).

Freshman year is a year full of new, exciting adventures! There will be endless opportunities for each student to embrace (good) change. As a senior, I look back at my past three years, remember the many moments and do nothing but smile!


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