Showcasing Scranton

Despite the cold, brisk November air campus was livened with many people all in good spirits! Families and students from surrounding states and beyond visited the campus during the second Fall Open House. Within a few short hours, they were able to explore and learn about our beautiful campus and university.

Parents and perspective students began by taking a tour lead by our many admission Royal Ambassadors. Royal Ambassadors, who are current students, take a group of interested high school students and their families, to various locations such as: The Denaples Center, the two-year-old athletic facility, the two-year-old magnificent Science building and the Brennan Business School.

A University of Scranton student is stationed at each location and presents a short speech about the building, the majors offered, his/her experience and then answers any pressing questions.

From that point, the tour guide brings the group back to the gym, where tables are set up for the different departments offered here at The U of S. The tables, which are mandated by faculty/staff and students, provide families and students with information about the academics (majors, advisory, opportunities, etc.), offices, the different athletic teams, etc. This is an imformative experience and any questions can be answered!

Although the air chilled our bones, students, faculty, staff and the entire admissions staff were in high spirits! It clearly reflected the fulfillment parents and students felt as they explored what Scranton has to offer.

The open house allowed and continues to allow perspective students and family members the opportunity to understand a community that has become far from foreign to me. By the number of volunteers on Sunday, I think we could agree that The University if community orientated. We proudly presented families what is now our second home.

Walking around campus Sunday morning made me realize how life changing the moment I stepped onto campus was. As I looked at the young, questioning faces of the high school students, I prayed that they would make the right choice to attend The U of S, and if so, to make it the most memorable experience

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