A Bonus Day

Ahh yes, the start of Spring Semester and already we’ve had TWO snow days. For once, I am not complaining about the wintery gray skies and cold air!

There is no greater feeling than one of waking up early, rolling over to grab your phone and seeing a text from The University of Scranton informing us that school is closed due to snow. Immediately you feel relieved, excited and you roll over again and fall back to sleep.

Snow days are unexpected days off. They signify a day of rest, a day to catch up on any pressing work and, most importantly, a day to relax.

Like many others, I am currently sitting in bed, sipping on a warm cup of coffee, listening to the news and Sochi Winter Olympics highlights. Snow days are my “personal days” where I can do things on my own time. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Others take these days to spend time with friends, bake cookies or watch movies. The extremists even go as far as stepping a foot outside to go sledding down the hills!

Snow days are bonus days. They are days that allow us to do that specific something we often find ourselves too busy to do. Snow days enable us to take a step back and breath.

Today, on this wintry day, I plan to drink many cups of coffee and tea, catch up on some work, read (I am currently reading Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk To Freedom), and most importantly relax!

How are YOU spending your bonus day?

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