Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I intern at The Office of Community Relations here at the University. My role is to help organize, promote and execute off-campus events, and to engage students more with downtown Scranton. While talking to my supervisor’s secretary, she informed me that she recently stepped outside her comfort zone.

Instead of eating the usual, comfort food, she chose to eat a different cuisine. For her birthday she chose to step outside her comfort zone by trying food she’s never eaten. The result? Not only did she thoroughly enjoy her meal, she continues to push herself to try things that would once make her feel uncomfortable, too.

Placing ourselves outside the familiar walls that surrounds us allows us to experience moments we never thought we would. For many, it is a fear to let go of securities and submerge into unfamiliar circumstances. For others, it is a thrill to step into mystery, waiting for a new wave to immerse them.

Others argue that if a person is already comfortable, then there is no need to interrupt that and creates discomfort. I argue that comfort leads to laziness, followed by demotivation.

My supervisor’s secretary’s story of placing herself into an uncomfortable situation made me realize that we unknowingly do the same during our time here at The University.

From the very first day we step foot on campus, to the day we join a club, we are stepping outside our comfort zones. We’ve never experienced college life, nor been exposed to so many people. We learn to adjust to our new zone.

Doing so exposes us to more and helps us grow as an individual. We open ourselves up to new possibilities; we expand our knowledge. We learn more about our self-interests, our likes and dislikes.

The U of S stresses the importance of being actively involved, and rightfully so. Being involved in clubs or athletics, or taking classes we wouldn’t usually take only pushes us to step outside our comfort zones, ultimately shaping us into better, well-rounded individuals.

This weekend I plan to step outside my own comfort zone by participating in a retreat. During my four years here, this will be my first time going on a retreat. I do not know what to expect, nor what the retreat entails.

This week do something you wouldn’t usually do. Don’t be afraid of it! EMBRACE IT!

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