Identity Finder Scans Begin Aug 1 – Reminder

3 07 2014

Information Security Officer Adam Edwards sent out a reminder email to all faculty this week about Identity Finder automated scans, which are set to begin for University-provided faculty desktop machines (Windows only) on August 1. Here’s his reminder:

Starting on Aug 1, 2014 the Information Security Office will begin conducting weekly scans of faculty PCs to locate restricted data. These scans will only be conducted on University provided machines. This is an effort to protect University data and prevent data loss as described in the email notice below.  If you have Human Research data, please ensure it is encrypted prior to Aug 1 2014. These weekly scans have already been rolled out to staff and TAG members.

If you have any questions please email


Adam Edwards

You can take a look at TAG’s Identity Finder FAQ for Faculty to help prepare, and definitely refer to Adam’s instructions for encryption with 7Zip if you have sensitive or confidential data to protect!



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