TAG Discussion List

23 08 2010

One of TAG’s goals is to facilitate discussions about technology issues on campus, particularly as they relate to teaching and research.  TAG-Discussion is an email listserv where faculty can share questions, solutions, concerns, and suggestions about technology on campus.

While TAG-Discussion focuses on faculty use of technology, the list is open subscription, so anyone in the University community is welcome to join.

If you’d like to subscribe, go to royallists.scranton.edu and log in with your Scranton account information.

Under “Mail List Categories,” click “Faculty”, then “tag-discussion@royallists.scranton.edu”.  On the left side, under “List Operations”, click “Subscribe”, then OK on the dialog box.  Note that you can also set the list to deliver one email per day as a digest, rather than receiving each email individually.  To set that up, click on “Subscription Options” and select “digest plain text format” in the top drop down menu.

To post to the list, just send an email to tag-discussion@royallists.scranton.edu. Your post will be distributed to the list after it is approved by the list moderator (currently, Kristen).  The discussion list is moderated to prevent spam or off-topic messages from clogging inboxes.

You can unsubscribe at any time by navigating back to royallists.scranton.edu, logging in, clicking on that list from the link on the left, and clicking on “Unsubscribe” from the list options.