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After our fun week together, I was very sad to see my parents leave on Thursday.  Luckily, I had something very exciting to look forward to… the arrival of a few of my friends!!

Summer flew in from Galway, where she is studying for the semester, on Thursday night.  Alex and I are both very close friends with Summer and missed her dearly, so we were ecstatic!  Summer traveled with her friend Kaitlin, who also goes to Scranton, though it was my first time meeting her!

That evening before Summer and Kaitlin arrived, I attended a lecture hosted by the University of Edinburgh’s Philosophy Society.  The lecture, called The Existence of God, was an argument by Professor Richard Swinburne for God’s existence.  It was an interesting talk, and I am glad I got to make it to one of the lectures in the PhilSoc Lecture Series.

After the lecture and a quick dinner in my flat, it was time to reunite with Summer for the first time since December!! Alex, Summer, Kaitlin, and I met up on campus, then walked around the city.  We walked through Grassmarket, where we took this silly picture (kindly taken by Kaitlin):

And a normal photo:

We also walked to the castle, which was just beautiful at night.

On Friday, Summer and Kaitlin went on a tour of Loch Ness, so we did not see them until that night. However, the excitement continued, as our friends Megan and Mike arrived from Copenhagen on Friday afternoon!  Megan and Mike are also students from Scranton; Alex and I know them through SJLA and we are all good friends!  Alex, Megan, and Mike went for ice cream at Mary’s Milk Bar and I met up with them in Grassmarket.  Then we explored the town!! Of course, we went back to the castle… it is a must-see!  We walked along the Royal Mile and exchanged stories about Edinburgh (Alex and I) and Copenhagen (Megan and Mike).  We temporarily parted ways: Alex went back to her flat, Megan and Mike to their hostel, and I went to a panel discussion on Intersectionality in Feminism.

The discussion was interesting, empowering, and inspiring.  The three women on the panel were incredibly strong and clearly knew what they were talking about.  I appreciated what each of them had to say, and I definitely see them as feminist role models.  I am so appreciative of the opportunity to have attended this event, as I have not been to anything quite like it.

We all met up in the evening – Alex and I, Kaitlin and Summer, Megan and Mike.  It was a Scranton reunion!  In typical Scottish fashion, we went to a local pub (The Three Sisters).  We stayed for just a bit before returning to our flats and hostels to prepare for our early morning.

On Saturday, we met at Princes Street in the morning to take the bus to the Pentland Hills for a hike!  I love hiking to begin with, but it was fun to have such great company.  The views were incredible as well.  The hills were pretty challenging, which I love!!

Here is a photo of us at the top of one of the hills:

And Alex, Summer, and I, fighting the wind:

I definitely have to go back to the Pentland Hills.  There was so much that we did not have time to explore, but I will make sure that I do so before leaving in May ( 😥 )  Hopefully next time I won’t fall on the way down… (thanks Mike for the photo and caption)

Luckily for us, the weather steadily improved throughout the day! So, at the start of our hike, it was overcast, windy, and slightly rainy, but the sky got progressively clearer and the temperature progressively warmer.  It was nice to get a really clear view of the city on our way back down the hill!

We split up for a bit to freshen up, then met each other for a final exploration of the city and dinner.  They all had early flights on Sunday morning 🙁 It was sad to say goodbye – the weekend flew by – but I am so glad I got to spend some time with them!

– Tori

Ms. Victoria J. Malstrom

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